Customer-Centricity Drove PureVPN's Unparalleled Growth in 2019

To become better, bigger, and faster, the leading VPN provider continued its customer-centric approach and emerged victorious - yet again.

Customer-centricity shouldn’t be taken lightly. It takes years for even established companies to adopt the approach and make it a core part of their business. In fact, not many realize the significance of the concept, which has proved time and time again that it can propel companies to the highest echelons of success.

Regardless, one VPN provider that tasted the flavor of customer-centricity back in 2018 took additional steps in 2019. The results were: 1 million+ new-user acquisitions, 1 million+ app downloads, 98% customer satisfaction rate, and more.

The tradition of taking customer feedback started way back in 2017, when the Co-founder and CEO of PureVPN, Uzair Gadit, asked users, “What should we do to make PureVPN even better?” This allowed the company to peek into the minds of its customers and gain better insights into their problems and needs. The CEO shot another email in early 2019 as well, asking the users the same. The resulting reaction of the recipients was remarkable:

  • 32% said the service couldn’t get any better
  • 21% of users were amazed that someone actually showed interest in their opinions
  • 15% requested for better streaming
  • 3% highlighted connectivity problems

What is even more remarkable was how the company showed proactivity and efficiency into delivering upon the feedback of the customers. The VPN provider has listed all the improvements and wins that it has celebrated on its page: Lookback 2019.

Customer centricity isn’t a one-off strategy. It is a continuous effort that allows businesses to grow steadily, all the while winning the hearts of their customers. The CEO of PureVPN understands the significance of the approach very well, which is why he has continued the feedback session this year as well.

Source: PureVPN


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