Cushman Creative Honored With Gold dotCOMM Award for the Precision Medicine Podcast, Sponsored by Trapelo Health

The podcast is the brainchild of its producer, Karan Cushman, who is also CEO of the brand experience agency responsible for marketing Trapelo.

Cushman Creative,brand experience agency specializing in health science marketing, announced it is the recipient of a Gold dotCOMM award for excellence in web creativity and digital communication. Other winners included Boston Scientific, Salk Institute and Saatchi and Saatchi.

The Precision Medicine Podcast is led by Cushman and Jerome Madison, Vice President of Provider Relations at Trapelo Health. Together, they meet with guests on a monthly basis to discuss the problems oncologists, reference labs and payers face as precision medicine grows as well as solutions for advancing the quality of patient-centered cancer care. Cushman's podcast experience and strategic vision for Trapelo along with Madison's voice and industry expertise resulted in a podcast that gains visibility for Trapelo Health while fulfilling its mission to bring precision medicine to more patients through collaboration.

"We're into our fourth season of the podcast, and with over 30,000 downloads and listeners in 95 countries, it's clear we've created a valuable industry asset," said Cushman. "We're proud to be realizing our mission of furthering the promise of precision medicine. Our goal is to bring like-minded thought leaders, including patients, payers, lab directors, oncologists, pharmaceutical executives, to the table to discuss how we can improve the efficiency, accuracy and cost of testing and precision treatments for cancer patients. Bringing our best ideas together and sharing through the podcast we hope will be a catalyst for innovation." 

To illustrate the impact the podcast is having in the medical community, Cushman and Madison welcomed back two leaders at ALVA 10 to discuss how far precision medicine has come. Since their first appearance three years ago, ALVA 10 has moved from building awareness about the critical role of diagnostic tests to demonstrating their value to payers. This has resulted in a greater willingness among payers to cover advanced diagnostics like liquid biopsies. This latest episode underscored the growing momentum of precision medicine and the importance of sharing insights on platforms like The Precision Medicine Podcast to keep that momentum going. As such, ALVA10 and Cushman will release another industry-related podcast in 2022 - the Healthcare GPS Podcast.

Clynt Taylor, President of Trapelo Health, praised the team for their work on the podcast, saying, "I want to add my congratulations for this special award. We are very proud of the important work that Karan and Jerome have done in bringing the thoughts and perspectives of such great key-opinion leaders to so many people, and we consider it an honor to be the founding sponsor." 

The Precision Medicine Podcast also reflects the mission of Trapelo Health, which is to help stakeholders collaborate to ensure cancer patients have access to the most appropriate testing and treatment options when time matters most. Madison said, "Trapelo helps everyone in cancer care work together to stay current and be more transparent. Our podcast reflects that mission by leveraging the insight of experts and advocates of personalized medicine to study the problem and work toward more collaborative solutions."

Cushman Creative has been the agency of record for Trapelo Health since 2006. There, Karan serves as Head of Brand + Marketing and Executive Producer of The Precision Medicine Podcast. Founded in 2007, Cushman Creative is a brand experience and marketing firm that works exclusively with biomedical, life science, health tech and pharma brands.

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Karan Cushman, CEO, Cushman Creative,

Source: Cushman Creative, Inc


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