CureOne Recognized by Medicare as a Leader in Quality Data Collection and Reporting

QCDR Status Cements Organization's Dedication to Upholding Clinical Standards

CureOne™, a nonprofit movement dedicated to standardizing next generation sequencing (NGS) and connecting it with matched clinical outcome data, has been named a Medicare Quality Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), making it the only registry of its kind to achieve this status. Additionally, CureOne has established six Effective Care metrics and five Outcome Measures for Medicare that help physicians meet quality improvement metrics, as associated with clinically relevant biomarker testing.

Through its N1 Registry™, CureOne has created a tool to rapidly advance precision medicine by standardizing and sharing the data to help find a cure. While a search for the cure has gone on for many years, never before has a tool existed like the N1 Registry. CureOne’s unique knowledge, background and resources have helped it create a revolutionary registry that connects the highest quality standardized molecular testing with clinical outcomes. This comprehensive database fills a major hole in cancer research and answers an unmet need by researchers, providers, payers and even the FDA.

“The sheer purpose of the N1 Registry has been to uphold quality standards and advance precision medicine through robust data collection efforts. Achieving QCDR status holds CureOne to the highest standards of data collection, data auditing and reporting,” said CureOne Chief Commercial Officer Rebecca Owens. With all clinics now required to report quality metrics to Medicare, the N1 Registry is a free, easy-to-use tool to help clinics meet these quality metrics, and get access to an unmatched database of knowledge.  And as a QCDR, CureOne is held to a higher integrity and higher standard of clinical and genomic data collection.

Physicians can now use data collected in the N1 Registry™ to report both MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) effective care and outcome measures.

The N1 Registry is currently the only data registry that connects precision medicine and quality outcomes. By creating new and improved testing methods and better assessing current treatment options, CureOne and the N1 Registry are allowing precision medicine to advance rapidly.

Please visit CureOne online to view the full list of Effective Care metrics and Outcome Measures for Medicare established by CureOne.

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