CurbAware Grows, Offering Nationwide Curbside Pickup to Stores and Restaurants

CurbAware Curbside App

With restaurants and stores having to close their doors and look for new areas of revenue, CurbAware is seeing business boom as they sign up more and more vendors into their service. Their draw? The ability to add curbside service to any business, effectively giving it a drive-thru​.

Nicholas Skeba, a recent MBA graduate from ESMT Berlin and Chicago native, has said that CurbAware can essentially turn any business into a drive-thru. The app makes it easy.

With the app available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, as well as the ability to book and pay for goods online, customers find it easy to find and pay for items. Through a combination of geofencing and SMS alerts, stores know exactly when their customers have arrived. At the same time, customers are alerted when items are ready, making it easy for transactions to take place, with none of the waiting.

Skeba has stated that businesses appreciate the ease of signing up and the fact that they don’t charge monthly fees. The decision to include no signup fees was inspired by stores that were struggling to implement curbside service and, because of the economic downturn, were unable to afford most platforms on the market.

CurbAware has already seen it signing up businesses from dry cleaners to salons and even burger restaurants, as they implement an easy-to-use ordering system that allows businesses to completely customize their look.

Nicholas Skeba has stated that there are no plans to charge customers or restaurants for access, but they do take a minimal percentage of the total sale price of each order.

You can learn more about the app by visiting the website at

Source: CurbAware