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Cuppls Logo has announced its official launch of a website and service dedicated to aiding individuals in finding the right professional services, worthwhile help, current information, and meaningful support regarding relationship issues. Focusing on individuals solely in New Jersey for the first six months, plans to greatly expand its efforts and geographic reach throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, and then nationally in January 2018.

None of the current major therapy or legal resource sites focus solely on the topic of relationships. Furthermore, no relationship sites offer ways to connect with highly qualified professional help. is the only website to provide precisely the services millions of individuals in troubled relationships are seeking − all presented in an environment tailored just to their needs. is the only online resource that is focused entirely on relationships. So no matter what a couple or individual is facing in a relationship, they're sure to find that can help — from the most informative and useful articles, to matching users with highly qualified Cuppls Recommended Professionals, to giving our users the satisfaction of knowing that they've found what they're looking for, including how to become happier, stronger and more in control.

Ken Baron, Director of Marketing and Content

Both married and unmarried couples across the United States face serious relationship challenges, whether they are caused by finances, adultery, work, children, abuse, infertility, or other issues. Approximately 20% of all people in relationships in the United States, over 25 million people, are facing these kinds of serious relationship problems but do not know where or how to find the best help. fills that void, as it is the ideal, one-stop resource and solution to aid this underserved market. is the only resource that is all about relationships, the one and only website completely dedicated to providing all couples, no matter what their relationship issues are, with the most comprehensive articles, blogs and information, and the fastest, easiest way to find highly qualified professional help. Cuppls Recommended Professionals include local relationship therapists, matrimonial and family law attorneys, private investigators, and financial advisors.

For more information about and the services provided, please visit our website or email Ken Baron, Director of Marketing and Content, at



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Cuppls is the only resource that is all about relationships. Especially your relationship. So no matter what it is that you're looking for regarding your relationship, you're sure to find that Cuppls can help.