Cupkins - Casual Puzzle Game

Cupkins is a casual puzzle adventure game with a novel twist on the classic match-3 mechanic. It was created by Joydrop Ltd., and is currently available to be played on Facebook:

​Joydrop, an independent game development studio, is eager to present their latest creation, Cupkins. Cupkins is currently available to be played on Facebook.

Cupkins features traditional Russian nesting dolls that and stack together from smallest to largest, as the player goes through the levels. The dolls came to life after a meteor sprinkled magic dust all over the area. Prior to the event, the dolls were being transported from the toy company to every toy store and gift shop in the country. The truck crashed as a result of the meteor strike, and the dolls are now lost in the Russian wilderness. It is up to the player to organise them back into their proper sets, and to help them build a town.

Joydrop is an independant game development studio, founded in 2012 in London, Ontario, Canada. We are passionate about storytelling, unique heroes, and entertaining solutions, which we wish to bring into the limelight through Cupkins.

Svetlana Jaraud, Assistant Project & Marketing Manager

Joydrop developers worked passionately to create a game with a rich backstory, and one that is unique and fun to play. Cupkins was recently released in beta, and 30 levels are available to be played by the public. The game features 2 boosters and 2 special dolls that enhance the gameplay. Joydrop is hopeful that the players, indie developers and industry professionals alike will share their enthusiasm for Cupkins. Countless of dolls are waiting for you to join them in dancing to traditional Russian tunes and stacking adventures.