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Centrifuge Analytics - A Culmen International Technology Solution

Culmen International announces the release of Centrifuge Analytics v3.6 designed to address two key industry trends – the increased need for visualizing big data problems and enabling users to leverage sophisticated tools without the expertise of a Data Scientist.

Centrifuge Analytics v3.6 provides stunning new visuals with unique larger perspectives and interactive analytical functions to quickly get the right information to the right user. “The best way to absorb complex data quickly is to present it in a visual way,” said Mark Dumas, Chief Strategy Officer of Culmen. “You can save hours of time by looking at the big picture and its potential impact on your organization.”

With v3.6, all of the visualization display limits have been removed and automatically summarized for optimal large data problem presentation, allowing users to seamlessly move between detailed and summarized views. Each summarized view has been uniquely designed to best convey the most important information, allowing users to continue with their analysis and make the right data-driven decisions.

Also new is an industry first Direct Broadcast capability where users can leverage different data set relationships and easily share them between visualizations. Users can create and exchange compound data sets using a new Venn diagram interface that would normally require complex programming skills. Resulting in new insights faster and better decisions from the start.

Centrifuge Analytics v3.6 moves the analytics solution closer to a self-serve business user who understands the problem best. It empowers analysts with deeper convictions of the solution because they performed the analysis themselves. It minimizes any misrepresentation between the analysts and data experts. It also allows analysts to asked bigger questions with less data and programming knowledge.

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