CuliChef Releases New High Quality Spatula Turner

CuliChef is pleased to announce the launch of their silicone and stainless steel spatula. The black slotted spatula turner is designed to make turning pancakes, roasts and other solid food safe and easy. CuliChef sells the non-stick kitchen utensil, which is fulfilled by Gift wrap is available and free shipping on orders greater than $49. The kitchen tool makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys cooking.

The ergonomically designed spatula provides for easy lifting and flipping. The enhanced silicone handle minimizes the risk of slipping and related burns to hands. The tool has the strength to lift heavy foods conveniently. The silicone is extremely durable and is FDA and LFGB approved, with heat resistance ratings of up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit.

The slotted turner is easy to clean either by hand-washing or by placing in the dishwasher. The stainless steel handle with silicone grip is long enough so that there is no danger of hands coming in contact with hot foods or cooking utensils. The non-stick finish on the spatula means that it is less likely for food to stick to the turner. In addition, it is easy to slide the spatula under the edges of cooking foods such as eggs, without tearing or crumbling the food.

CuliChef is a company that is known for high quality products and the spatula-turner is no exception. The product has a full, 100 percent money-back guarantee. The tool is not a throw-away items; it will last for years. If the customer is unsatisfied for any reason, an email should be sent for a prompt and courteous refund.