Cuentacuentos Mezcal Announces First Funding Round

As the Global Agave Boom Continues, Colorado Company Expands

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Today, Cuentacuentos (Spanish for "Storyteller") announced the launch of their Regulation Crowdfunding raise. After rebounding from the damage wrought by the COVID pandemic with a strong sales year in 2021, this brand with a local tie is expanding.

The company is unique in its approach to business expansion. Founder, Read Spear, says his mission is to prevent what happened to Tequila from happening to mezcal, namely, industrialization on a large scale. "I want mezcal to grow, don't get me wrong, but we don't want to kill the very thing that is attracting so many people to the mezcal category-that is, small, hand-crafted, traditional production with a tie to the makers."

"We are so excited to be able to offer shares in the company to the smaller investor," said Spear. "I worked in cannabis for over a decade and saw how that industry got funneled up from the little guy to the larger, wealthier investment groups. I don't want that for my company. I want the smaller investor to get a piece of the agave boom."

Interested individuals can buy into Cuentacuentos for as little as $300. For more information, visit StartEngine at


Read Spear

Cuentacuentos celebrates and distributes small-batch traditional mezcal by creating a platform to bring numerous small, family producers together under one brand. Since launching in the US in late 2018, Cuentacuentos, which has a portfolio of over two dozen revolving expressions, has placements in some of the nation's finest retailers, restaurants, and bars.

Cuentacuentos tells the story of mezcal as it once was: truly small batch and made in traditional, family-owned palenques. For over 400 years, families throughout Mexico have distilled mezcales for their own use, for their friends and for others in their village. It is served at every major rite of passage in a Mexican life from cradle to grave; the batches needed for a given occasion seldom exceed a couple hundred liters. Each is a unique, personal expression.

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