Cubic Updates Its Umo Platform With Handheld Reader for Accessible, Efficient Fare Collection

Launch furthers Cubic’s mission to offer best-in-class software and hardware solutions for a fully integrated and comprehensive public transit management system

Umo Handheld Reader

Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS), part of Cubic Corporation, today announced the release of its innovative Umo Handheld Reader, pairing CTS’s software application with Samsung’s commercial, off-the-shelf device for easy and seamless electronic fare collection on buses, trains and more.  

The Umo Handheld Reader is a welcome addition to Cubic’s cloud-based Umo platform, which is designed to enhance how riders experience and pay for public transportation, making it easier, more convenient and more enjoyable.   

“The Umo Handheld Reader represents a significant leap forward in electronic fare collection technology,” said Mike Barboni, chief product officer for the Umo platform. “This device offers transit agencies an affordable and convenient solution to accept payments, eliminating the need for costly hardware installations on new vehicles or shuttles. Features of a traditional fare card reader, like tap-to-pay technology, can now be accessed from the palm of a hand and easily operated by transit personnel.” 

“Samsung Government is excited to add another partner and solution into our rugged use case portfolio to assist metros in their transportation needs by bringing mobile workplace transformation to transit,” said Todd Maxwell, director of business development at Samsung Electronics America. “The Umo platform and Rugged Samsung XCover6 Pro are the perfect combination to increase efficiency, utilizing mobile technology while providing the all-weather durability of our rugged lineup.” 

Additional benefits of the Umo Handheld Reader include its accessibility for smaller transit operations with limited budgets, providing seamless integration into their existing services while expanding to new vehicles or shuttles for paratransit and on-demand transport services. Additionally, as transit agencies’ networks evolve and new vehicles are added, the Umo solution can adapt and expand rapidly, meeting changing demands. Finally, with 5G LTE support built-in, the reader offers high-speed connectivity, facilitating efficient and speedy data transfers. 

"Our new handheld reader is a game-changer for transit agencies, allowing them to expand their services seamlessly while ensuring a convenient experience for riders on the go," Barboni added. 

About Cubic Corporation 

Cubic creates and delivers transportation technology solutions that simplify people’s lives by simplifying their daily journeys and defense capabilities that help promote mission success and safety for those who serve their nation. Led by our talented teams worldwide, Cubic is driven to solve global challenges through innovation and service to our customers and partners. 

Part of Cubic’s portfolio of businesses, Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) is an industry-leading integrator of payment and information solutions and related services for intelligent travel applications. CTS delivers integrated transportation and traffic management systems, tools for travelers to choose the smartest and easiest way to travel and pay for their journeys and enables transportation authorities and agencies to manage demand across the entire transportation network. 

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Source: Cubic Transportation Systems