CTEnergyRatings.com to Connecticut Electricity Customers "Shop Now to Save" Ahead of January Price Increases

Connecticut Electricity Shoppers could save up to 45% on electricity costs year over year against the new default utility rates.

​​​​CTEnergyRatings.com, today released an analysis of Connecticut residential electricity prices that shows customers who shop now and lock in better rates can save up to 30% over last year’s prices AND up to 26% over this spring and summer’s prices and up to 45% over upcoming January default utility prices. The analysis is based on a comparison with data from the US government’s Energy Information Agency (EIA).

CT Energy Ratings used EIA data for 2015 and 2016 average residential electricity prices (which includes the price of the electricity and the transmission/distribution charges) to calculate mean a mean average price for both years. The mean average price Connecticut residential electricity for 2015 was 21.15¢/kWh. A bill for an average consumption of 730 kWh would have cost about $154.40.

In 2016, the price (so far) has been $20.19¢/kWh. An average bill would be about $147.39.

When CT Energy Ratings applied current price rates from competitive electricity suppliers to calculate real-world monthly bills (including transmission and distribution portions), their analysts discovered prices actually ranged as low as 14.78¢/kWh.  That’s as much as 30% lower than the mean EIA average price for 2015 and 26% lower for mean EIA average prices in 2016.

As a result, CT Energy Ratings urges all Connecticut electricity customers who signed up with a third party electric supplier in 2015 or in the first half of 2016 to seriously consider shopping for a lower rate now. A new low rate could well result in significantly lower monthly bills and a monthly savings for consumers that can add up fast. With a little planning and time, consumers can extend their savings by locking-in electricity plans at these current low rates for 12 to 24 months.

On top of that, both Eversource Energy (formerly CL&P) and United Illuminating announced default utility rate increases. Eversource will increase its rate between 15-20% while UI will increase between 12-15%. That means by shopping now and locking in rates ahead of the inevitable January default price increases, customers anywhere in Connecticut can look to save an additional up to 45% on electricity costs year over year against the new default utility rates.

Electricity customers can research, browse, and sign up for new plans at CTEnergyRatings.com for free. They can also learn more about electricity suppliers through real customer reviews and rankings. CT Energy Ratings give consumers the tools they need to find the best plan that fits their needs. Now is the time to shop, now is the time to save.

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Source: CT Energy Ratings

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