CSTF Academy Graduates First 100 Spiritual Coaching Students

Spirit Thinking Program Among Most Popular Spirituality Training on the Web

Dalls, TX - July 19, 2010 -- The Certified Spirit Thinking Facilitator or CSTF Program offered by the CSTF Academy has graduated 100 students in this popular spiritual coaching and training program. The CSTF Academy program takes between 6 weeks to 4 months, depending on the motivation and needs of the student. Students who earn the CSTF certification are able to use the professional initials CSTF, have access to the readers of Spirit Thinking who are seeking help from the program and other benefits.

One CSTF graduate is Michelle Plyler who finished the program in two months. "I have to admit, I have tried a number of spiritual training and personal coaching training programs that have two faults. First, you're not really prepared for actual clients. Secondly, you don't gain any recognized certification. The Spirit Thinking Certification is endorsed by a leading psychiatrist.

You can't beat the combination."The Certified Spirit Thinking Facilitator Program is designed to be an introduction to the concepts of the work Spirit Thinking accomplishes as well as learning the basics of cognitive therapy. The program itself is a hybrid of cognitive principles and spiritual principals. "There are ten specific spiritual principles used in Spirit Thinking, "says Reece Manley, the author of the program. "I am excited that the first 100 are trained and accepting clients.

Hopefully, we'll have another hundred ready for the demand of clients by the end of the summer. " The CSTF Academy is offering a $100.00 savings certificate to anyone who requests information at www.cstfacademy.info.

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