cScape's Barclays UNICEF campaign scores twice at 2009 W3 Awards

cScape has been named winner of two awards in the 2009 W3 Awards for its outstanding design of the Barclays UNICEF microsite.

cScape has been named winner of two awards in the 2009 W3 Awards for its outstanding design of the Barclays UNICEF microsite.

The W3 Awards honour exceptional websites, web marketing, and web videos created by interactive agencies and marketing professionals worldwide.

cScape developed the Barclays UNICEF microsite ( in 2008-2009 to help communicate the Barclays UNICEF partnership "Building Young Futures" to clients and customers. The site has also worked to engage new colleagues with the Barclays UNICEF Communities programme; to encourage them to use their skills and expertise to help others work towards financial independence and security. The programme is part of the Barclays Sustainability initiative, set up to provide education, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurial skills to thousands of young people around the world.

Through the use of innovative photography and video, cScape has produced a microsite that demonstrates both the breadth and depth of the community projects undertaken through the Barclays UNICEF partnership globally. The site focuses on the amazing work of the partnership by showcasing its various initiatives from education programmes in Rwanda, Peru and Indonesia, to employment programmes in Botswana, India and Pakistan.
By using graphical devices throughout the site, the design was able to visually express the union between UNICEF and Barclays at every step of the project. The result is a truly user-centred microsite that captures the global nature of the programme and its outstanding value to the communities it benefits.

Che Cakli, Global Community Investment Officer at Barclays, commented, "The Barclays/UNICEF site has exceeded all expectations. cScape translated all the hard work and dedication of our global teams into an informative, attractive and overall cutting-edge microsite."

This is the third set of awards cScape has won for its work with Barclays. The agency won five W3 awards in 2008, and four Communicator Awards in May 2009 - all with the Barclays Community team.

Ed Lloyd-Williams, Creative Director at cScape said "We're pleased that our creativity is being awarded by the industry year in year out and with a great client, who allow us to push the boundaries of accepted financial communications."

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