CryptoWorldCon Will Travel to El Salvador to Meet With President Nayib Bukele

Less than 50 days until CryptoWorldCon (CWC) is to arrive in Miami on April 1 and 2, 2022, in one of the most prominent and recognized venues in Miami, the James L. Knight Center. The CryptoWorldCon team is working non-stop 24 hours a day preparing everything for the main event that will kick off Bitcoin Conference Month in Miami. 

But before the event, the founders of CryptoWorldCon will join The Ambassador of El Salvador in the United States, Milena Mayorga, who is leading the committee of the commercial delegation that will travel from the United States to El Salvador on Feb. 17 to meet with the President of El Salvador, Doctor Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez, to discuss opportunities and form commercial alliances with the country.

The Delegation traveling to meet with the President of El Salvador Doctor Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez organized by the Embassy of El Salvador in Washington includes the CEO/Founder of MoonWalker USA INC, CryptoWorldCon JC Luna; Co-Founders Luis Suárez and Nicole Navas; Carmelo Millian, CEO/Founder of Polka City; Richard Heart and Tony Salazar, founders of PulseChain, pulse X and Hex. They will meet personally with the President to discuss the opportunities offered by El Salvador to develop crypto and blockchain projects, as well as the possibility of joining forces and collaborating in the process of launching BitCoin City.

El Salvador has become a hot spot in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain community, being one of the first countries to instate a virtual wallet known as Chivo Wallet, in addition to adopting bitcoin as the official currency for all types of businesses and lately working on a large-scale project called BitCoin City. The first ecological and technological city, turning El Salvador into the financial center of the world, BitCoin City would be located in Conchagua and would be financed through tokenized bonds backed by bitcoin, where 50% of the issued bonds will be destined to the construction of the same.

JC Luna, CEO of MoonWalker USA and CryptoWorldCon, will present the #1 "Zero Gravity" of the exclusive 21-piece edition of NFTs created for the NFT's 21 Founders collection created by local Miami artist Hexmentor as a token of thanks to the President of El Salvador Doctor Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez in recognition for all the hard work and dedication to his innovative vision as Head of State of a nation that is breaking paradigms. Becoming an example of a country that has been revolutionizing in a very short time with significant achievements as a result of technological inclusion efforts, promoting a new approach to the Salvadoran productive sector and the creation of projects like BitCoin City are clear examples of this.

The meeting will take place with the President in his presidential palace in El Salvador, where they will meet to discuss opportunities and possibilities to develop new technological projects in their country. Generating real opportunities for the local community and presenting new opportunities for companies in the field to see the opportunities that El Salvador offers as a leading country in innovation and blockchain technology, making the country a global benchmark.

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