CryptoWorldCon, the Event That Kicks Off Miami's Bitcoin Month

Moonwalker USA Present CryptoWorldCon Miami 2022

Only 40 days away, CryptoWorldCon (CWC), the event of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies focused on cutting-edge schemes and trends in the blockchain market, will kick off Miami´s BitCoin Month on April 1 & 2, 2022, at one of Miami's most prominent and renowned venues, the James L. Knight Center. This event comprises high-profile individuals, companies, investors, and organizations that will create an international impact, converting Miami into the epicenter of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

CryptoWorldCon will provide industry leaders, influencers, and innovators to present individually or speak as a panel. In addition to valuable speakers, including a surprise guest of honor who will be making the inaugural pitch at the Miami Marlins game on March 31, where CryptoWorldCon will be present with an Ice Breaker event for all their VIP attendees and speakers with an international list of world-class speakers from around the globe such as:

  • Jordan Belfort - Nicknamed "the Wolf of Wall Street" 
  • Jaime Rogozinski - founder of WallStreetBets 
  • Priya Guliani -UK President of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) 
  • Bitcoin Maximalist Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert from "Orange Pill Podcast" and RT's "The Keiser Report"
  • Indira Kempis Martinez -  Mexican Senator From Nuevo Leon, Mexico
  • Carmelo Millian - Founder of PolkaCity 
  • Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr - Editor-in-Chief of Cointelegraph
  • Nabeel Malik - CEO Founder Cryptolitics
  • Lior Lamesh - CEO & Co-Founder, GK8
  • Natasha Paracha - Founder of School Coin
  • Jesus Rodriguez - CEO and co-founder of IntoTheBlock
  • Shiv Aggarwal - founder and CEO of EarthId
  • Karisa Winett - Chief of Staff for NFT Genius
  • Alexander Lorenzo - CEO of Fundamental Secrets LLC
  • Jess Furman - SVP Creative and Licensing Strategy for Big Noise Music Group and SR. Executive Creative Director for Sound Revolver
  • Daniele Marinelli - CEO & Founder DTSocialize Holding Ltd
  • Haydn Snape -  Founder and CEO of Decentralised Investment Group (DIG)
  • Eric Galen - Greenspoon Marder LLP. Partner
  • Eloisa Cadenas - Founder of CryptoFintech
  • Tony Salazar - CEO
  • Dr. Chris Oniya - LifeofMusk NFT Founder & Visionary, OpenSea & Ripple Angel Investor
  • Alex Baghdjian - co-founder Funday
  • Adam Healy - Chief Security Officer at BlockFi
  • Benji Markoff - CEO of Founder Shield
  • Jessica Lauren - Radix Community
  • Amy Kalnoki - Co-Founder and COO of Bitwave, and co-host of the podcast The DeFi Daily
  • Erik Pinos - President of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN)
  • Justin Ballard - Founding partner of JAI Energy LLC
  • Aly Madhavji - Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund and LP at Loyal VC & Draper Goren Holm
  • Michaël Van de Poppe - "Crypto Michaël" CEO & Founder Eight Global
  • Gabriela Kurs - Board Director at the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association
  • Juliet Alcoba - Trademark Attorney
  • Ruben Alcoba - Registered Patent Attorney

Hosted by Award-Winning Master of Ceremonies Paul Gamache, the event will present itself as the perfect networking opportunity for brands and businesses with both potential B2B clients as well as a direct target audience, making it the perfect platform to grow a business.

CryptoWorldCon, which will be held from April 1 to April 2, 2022, is a blockchain conference with engaging activities and speaker sessions designed to not only add to the widespread knowledge about cryptocurrency but also present countless opportunities and mentoring for the attendees. 

CryptoWorldcon will include panel discussions, speaker sessions, workshops, a job fair for developers, a contest for startups to select by a jury of keynote speakers the most innovative project in an early stage, and events that will help attendees learn more about cloud & enterprise computing, the role of blockchain in elections, the influence of blockchain industry in-state operations, the potential adaptation of cryptocurrency by major financial institutions of the world, and the benefits of blockchain for multinational firms and franchises. 

The event will close with an Exclusive Yacht dinner that will also include an exclusive award ceremony that will include the recognition of the selected Startup as the most innovative project to look for. As well as for the partnerships established during the event. 

A game-changing experience, the entire event is going to be filled with activities that will further improve the knowledge and network experience of the Attendees. CryptoworldCon presents a careful selection of speakers designed to spice up the CWC discussion panels, making the entire event a very engaging interaction with a variety of value-added strategies, opportunities, and mentoring for the attendees. 

If you are a startup looking for investors and strategic partners, this is the place to be. Join "la crème de la crème" of preselected startups that are going to present their projects using storytelling, and audiovisual tools, participating in a very tough competition where only the best is going to be recognized and awarded in different categories.

Don't miss the opportunity to be present and participate in the most important Blockchain & cryptocurrency event of the year. Be part of the game-changing community that is creating a social and economic impact in the world. 

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