Crypto FinTech, Plutus, Partners With Travel and Accommodation Giants Airbnb & Skyscanner

The London-based FinTech start-up, Plutus, reveals multiple partnerships with internationally known brands as part of a unique loyalty programme.

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​​Plutus is a finance app that claims to be “Better than a Bank”, offering management of both crypto and fiat from a single interface. The app comes with an accompanying Visa debit card loadable with converted crypto. Plutus has just announced an innovative rewards programme tied to an extensive list of widely recognised brands including leading travel and accommodation giants such as Airbnb.

Plutus members can earn their native crypto token, Pluton (PLU), as a loyalty reward for making purchases using their Plutus debit card. PLU act similar to Air Miles or Nectar Points except they are not limited to a specific retailer; PLU are instead earnt for making purchases with the Plutus card at any merchant in the world that accepts Visa.

These PLU carry their own fiat value, meaning they can be converted into additional card balance to continue spending; or they can be staked on the platform to unlock further retail cashback at any of Plutus’ newly founded partners. The list includes Airbnb, Skyscanner and numerous other affiliates with billion-dollar valuations.

CEO and Founder of Plutus, Danial Daychopan, comments on the partnerships:

“Our members will now be able to tap into the colossal online marketplace of Airbnb and Skyscanner. These are key partnerships that'll enable us to offer double-dip rewards, both cryptoback and cashback”.

The company has promised to reveal more names over the coming weeks as part of one of the most lucrative rewards programmes in the history of FinTech. Paying members will receive both fiat cash-back as well as crypto-back for shopping as normal on a Visa debit card.

The loyalty programme goes live in March for premium users of the Plutus app, available to UK and EEA residents on both Android and iOS.

About Plutus

Plutus is a London-based FinTech founded in 2015 by serial-entrepreneur, Danial Daychopan (1). The company offers an integrated suite of financial services on both a mobile app and desktop (2). Users can manage crypto and fiat from a single app, convert these assets in-app, and spend via a Visa Debit Card (3). These features combined allow users to seamlessly convert their crypto into a spendable balance accepted at over 40 million in-store retailers across the world (4). Plutus is unique in that it has achieved these functionalities whilst remaining non-custodial (5).

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