Crypto Asset Rating Agency Inc. Accredits 'AA' Rating to AITECH Token

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. has accredited an "AA" rating for AITECH, the world's artificial intelligence token launched by Solidus Ai Tech

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. is an Independent Structured Rating Agency that comprehensively rates crypto assets for Institutional and Retail Clients. The Company developed a custom rating algorithm to conduct an exhaustive multi-layered evaluation covering four distinct risk buckets—business, financial, legal, and technology. They are committed to transforming the Global Capital Markets and bringing transparency to them. 

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. has accredited an "AA" rating for AITECH, the world's artificial intelligence token launched by Solidus Ai Tech. "We are pleased to assign AITECH token 'AA' rating," said Rippy Sethi, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Crypto Asset Rating Inc. "With our comprehensive analysis platform, which provides an impartial, ethical, transparent, and independent approach to rating Crypto Assets, investing in crypto assets is greatly simplified."  

The rating agency has thoroughly evaluated AITECH's risk profile through comprehensive analyses of its business model, technology, token economics, and market potential.  

Rating Methodology:  

The ratings incorporate assessing and interpreting data from crypto asset issuers and other sources to form a thoughtful judgment. Investing in cryptocurrency carries several risks, which the Crypto Asset Rating Inc. evaluates during the rating process. 

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. has a proprietary rating model based on 100+ parameters with insights and evaluates crypto assets from legal, business, technical, and financial risks to make the crypto market more transparent. 

 About AITECH:  

Solidus AITECH Limited was founded in January 2021 by Solidus Technologies. The company is building high-performance computing (HPC) data centers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for SMEs, large corporations, and professionals.  

Solidus AI Tech uses the AITECH token to power its ecosystem and allows Fiat currency transactions to be seamlessly converted to AITECH tokens on the backend. The company aims to offer its customers Artificial Intelligence services via AITECH tokens. 

The market is flooded with new projects and tokens every day. With such a large and ever-growing pool of investment opportunities, it can be difficult for investors to know which tokens are worth their time and money. This is where rating services come in. 

The rating will allow investors to make informed decisions and help to create a more transparent and efficient investment process by giving them a better understanding of the token. 

About Crypto Asset Rating Inc.

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. is a FinTech company driven to plug the gaps in the crypto market by transforming Global Capital Markets as thought leaders of the Fintech industry.

The crypto industry holds invaluable opportunities for exponential economic growth through financial inclusion and participation of the masses. A new world is being born out of the reinvention of the financial systems built on unprecedented technological advances. And the Company is already in play to reap the benefits for its investors. 

Source: Crypto Asset Rating Inc.