Crowdfunding Sites Now Available for Fallen Riverside Deputy Sheriffs

Deputies Terrell Young and David Werkman Succumb to COVID-19

Fallen Riverside Deputies

NEP Services, Inc. has launched crowdfunding web pages for Riverside Deputy Sheriffs Terrell Young and David Werkman following their passing from complications due to the COVID-19 virus. In coordination with the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association, NEP Services helped launch these sites to provide safe and secure crowd fundraising. To maximize their benefit, 100% of all proceeds raised will go towards their intended causes.

People can donate here to support the families of the fallen.

“Our company has been dedicated to supporting the brave men and women of the first responder community since our inception. By making these secure fundraising pages available, our mission is to provide a vehicle to assist these wonderful people and their families in their greatest times of need. It’s simply the right thing to do,” says Drew Howitt, CEO of NEP Services, Inc. “Right now, they are on the front lines fighting this COVID-19 curse for all of us. We will do whatever we can to support them, their families, and their organizations.”

Bill Young, President of the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association, concurs. “The NEP Services team really stepped up to the plate for us. We were dealing with the passing of two of our deputies due to the COVID-19 virus and needed to rapidly respond to the needs of their families. NEP Services promptly and effectively got the Help-A-Hero™ fundraising pages up within a few hours. In these difficult times, I highly recommend NEP Services.”

Both NEP Services and the Riverside Sheriffs Association encourage all news outlets to prominently post these fundraising pages. Further, they ask that all citizens and businesses show their support in giving their tax-deductible donations to provide relief for the families of these fallen deputies.

About the Company:

NEP Services, Inc is a service provider based in Newport Beach, California. For over 20 years, NEP Services has been dedicated to providing support for first responder organizations across the country and abroad. Recently, the company has opened up its products and services to commercial and government entities as well.

Primary areas of focus include:

·      Secure SMS Communication Systems

·      Direct and Digital Marketing

·      Websites and Event Apps

·      Direct Mail and Digital Fundraising

·      Membership Management

·      Political Advocacy

For any inquiries, reach NEP Services by phone 888-367-1637 or on the NEP Services contact page.  

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NEP Services, Inc is a service provider based in Newport Beach, CA. For over 20 years, NEP Services has been dedicated to providing fundraising and digital solutions for First Responder and Non-Profit organizations across the U.S. and abroad.

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