CrossTx and Flagler Cares Launch 'LINC Flagler Volusia' a Transformational Care Coordination Network Across Flagler and Volusia Counties

LINC Flagler Volusia bridges the care gap countywide, helping at-risk community members secure real-time services, including mental and behavioral health, housing, rent assistance, food security during the Covid-19 pandemic, and beyond.


Flagler Cares, an organization devoted to creating a coordinated safety net for residents in need, announces the rapid deployment of an advanced, innovative, digital care coordination and referral management platform called LINC, "Linking Individuals to Networks of Care." LINC supports care coordination, ensuring at-risk county residents, including children, find the social and behavioral health and financial services needed to improve overall health and well-being. Flagler Cares will lower overall societal and personal costs associated with imminent care needs.

The LINC platform, powered by CrossTx®, supports automated care coordination and closed-loop referral management workflows necessary to support at-risk community members, specifically those facing challenges with social determinants of health. That is, the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age and which may be responsible for an astounding 80% of an individual's overall health and wellbeing. LINC is expected to include a network of 50+ community-based organizations that address social determinants with concentrated efforts around behavioral health, homelessness, and social care services.

Flagler Cares selected the market-leading CrossTx® care coordination and closed-loop referral management offering based on its sophisticated yet flexible platform, implementation team, industry experience, and dedicated high-quality support. CrossTx specializes in supporting the transition to value-based care models, therefore becoming the natural choice for the Flagler and Volusia County network.

CrossTx deployed the initial system in just a matter of weeks. The system went live for all ten schools in Flagler County School District for behavioral health network and social services referrals. Now the teams will leverage the flexible attributes of the CrossTx® platform for a number of configurations to enable even more productivity, effectivity, and velocity associated with the LINC mission.

According to Carrie Baird, Executive Director of Flagler Cares, "The CrossTx team has done an amazing job managing the launch of LINC to meet a very aggressive timeline in support of our partner organization, Flagler Schools. The team was available to us throughout each step of the process and was able to configure the CrossTx system to meet our specific needs and work flow quickly. Their commitment to our long-range vision is unmistakable."

"CrossTx is committed to supporting innovative new health and human services programs and the partnership with LINC Flagler Volusia the future of health and social services delivery," shared Chad Nybo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CrossTx.

 "With a heavy impact from the pandemic, growing numbers of at-risk members of our communities need immediate and sustained supports, from counseling and behavioral health services to assistance with financial needs, housing and proactive healthcare, otherwise societal problems will only exponentially grow." Nybo continued "Flagler Cares' vision for LINC goes well beyond what many other communities have today and we are excited to partner and configure CrossTx to power the LINC network."

Although already in production and delivering value to the Flagler and Volusia communities, the evolution of LINC has just begun as the Flagler Cares team plans on enabling an end-to-end care coordination and referral management platform across neighboring counties.

About LINC Flagler Volusia

LINC is available to all Community Based Organizations at no cost to them, offering communication features, referrals, consultations, and other support including real-time data and metrics on services rendered. The CrossTx platform supports community and health system care coordination around the county through a HIPAA Compliant, HITRUST privacy and security framework, allowing providers to improve health outcomes while maintaining client privacy and consent. While LINC is already sending referrals via the school district's network of health and social services providers, the platform will be available to all CBOs within Flagler this year and in Volusia Counties by June 2022.  Local organizations interested in joining the LINC network can reach out by contacting the Flagler Cares team at

About Flagler Cares

Flagler Cares is a nonprofit corporation focused on creating a seamless and connected safety net of services in Flagler and Volusia Counties. LINC Flagler Volusia represents the culmination of over five years of research and planning to develop and launch a secure digital solution to streamline our complex system of care. LINC Flagler Volusia is led by Flagler Cares in partnership with One Voice for Volusia, a nonprofit corporation in Volusia County with a shared vision for coordinated and collaborative systems of care.

About CrossTx

CrossTx, a leading cloud-based health and human services network technology platform, based in Bozeman, Montana, supports care coordination, patient discharge planning, referral management, and care management for value-based programs and initiatives. CrossTx impacts the health equity of counties like Flagler and Volusia by creating meaningful relationships between Community Based Organizations, healthcare, behavioral health organizations, and the individuals they serve, subsequently laying a framework of care for our most vulnerable populations.  This infrastructure helps minimize health disparity while calculating the transformational impact social initiatives have in meaningful ways.

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