Critical Infrastructure Holdings, LLC Announces the Acquisition of Sun Engineering, Inc. and Winterhawk Pipeline Services, LLC

Sun Engineering, Inc. and Winterhawk Pipeline Services, LLC acquisition

Based in Tomball, Texas, Critical Infrastructure Holdings, LLC ("Critical Infrastructure", the "Company", "we", "our", or "us"), a leading provider of specialized products and services used to maintain, monitor, and operate infrastructure, announced today the acquisition of Sun Engineering, Inc. ("Sun Engineering") and Winterhawk Pipeline Services, LLC. ("Winterhawk"). Sun Engineering and Winterhawk will join Inline Services, LLC ("Inline") of Tomball, Texas, as part of the Company's midstream infrastructure business group.

Phil Morrison, Critical Infrastructure's CEO, stated, "At Inline Services, our goal is to be the preferred solution for midstream infrastructure needing high-quality products, services and technical support. The combination of Inline, Sun Engineering, and Winterhawk creates an industry leader, capable of bringing stronger product and service solutions that can be used to protect pipelines from internal corrosion, enhance safety, adapt to present business conditions, prevent leaks and emissions, and solve customer problems efficiently and effectively."

Post-closing, Sun Engineering, Inc. will become known as Sun Pipeline Solutions, LLC ("Sun Pipeline") following the acquisition. Sun Pipeline Solutions and Winterhawk Pipeline Services moving forward will be led by Shane Stevens of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

Sun Pipeline Solutions and Winterhawk Pipeline Services Overview

Sun Pipeline Solutions is a leading supplier for the pipeline industry specializing in high-quality urethane products and customized pipeline pigs for the most challenging and difficult pipeline applications around the world. Winterhawk Pipeline Services specializes in geometry-based inspection technologies that service both in-service pipelines and new construction. Winterhawk Pipeline Services' unique combination of technology and service efficiencies combine to deliver significant value to the industry in today's market.

Expanded Inline Offering

Inline and Sun have a longstanding history of manufacturing excellence and solving technically challenging pipeline conditions. Both will continue to ensure the industry has the best pipeline products for every application in the midstream. The companies' offerings are complementary and will allow it to provide a wider set of solutions to its customers.

Inline Services and Winterhawk Pipeline Services operate active speed-controlled pipeline cleaning tools for large diameter high volume natural gas pipelines and geometry inspection services. The combined company will continue an accelerated technology development program to provide superior solutions to meet the industry's challenges of today to operate with fewer emissions, greater reliability, and early leak detection.

Inline Services, Sun Pipeline Solutions and Winterhawk Pipeline Services look forward to working closely with our customers to solve the challenges and problems they face today and into the future with core products and services that create significant value while supporting the safety of the midstream industry.

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