Criminal Law Firm Offering Full Range of Services to Those Charged with Domestic Offences

Small boutique criminal law firm, operated by Adam Goodman, provides clients facing domestic-related charges a full-service experience from the time of arrest until the charges are disposed of.

In Ontario, most calls to the police resulting from a domestic-related dispute will result in criminal charges being laid against one or both of the parties.  For many people charged as a result of such a dispute this will be their first and only contact with the criminal justice system.  This can be a very stressful time for those charged as a result of having to navigate the criminal justice system and being subject to court conditions to stay away from one’s partner.

The first stage of the process after arrest involves being released, either from the station or in one of the province’s many bail courts.  The police or court will generally impose conditions of release requiring the person charged to stay away from the alleged complainant.  Often they will have to reside with the person who bailed them out, called a surety, and abide by certain other conditions.  A breach of any of these conditions can result in further charges being laid and the possibility of being detained in custody.

Once release is dealt with the case will enter the case management stream.  In most Toronto courthouses cases of a domestic nature are prosecuted by a special team of Crown Attorneys.  During this process discussions can ensue between a lawyer and a Crown Attorney to see if the charges can be resolved, ideally without a trial or guilty plea.

An experienced criminal lawyer can provide advice on how to navigate the system from the very beginning.  They will be able to provide advice on steps an accused person can take up-front to better their chances at a favourable resolution.  If the matter must proceed to trial, proper preparation is key, and only an experienced criminal lawyer can provide this.

About Adam Goodman

Since he was called to the bar in 2008, Adam Goodman has been dealing with domestic cases ranging from assault, utter threats, criminal harassment, etc.  Adam provides clients facing domestic charges with a full-service experience and is with them every step of the way.  Adam is skilled at resolving cases but is not afraid to take cases to trial as he firmly believes a trial may be where the best result can be attained. 


About Adam Goodman: Barrister & Solicitor

Adam Goodman, Barrister & Solicitor, is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer practicing throughout the Greater Toronto Area with offices in North York and downtown Toronto.

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