Criar Designs is Bringing Customization Into Everyone's Bedroom

Criar Designs leverages 3D modeling and printing technology to create customized adult novelty items using high-quality (skin-safe) silicone. No two people are alike, so why should their novelty items be?

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Newly founded Criar Designs is disrupting the adult novelty industry through mass customization. By leveraging additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing), Criar Designs allows customers to customize length, width, girth, and shape for a variety of items. No more will customers have to settle for the one-size-fits-all approach.

Due to its innovative and unique approach, Criar Designs can create an item based on customer's submitted photos, drawing, or measurements. Based on these data points, Criar Designs will create an item using 100% skin-safe silicone. This can be a great adventure for people in long-distance relationships or looking for something new.

Criar Designs also partners with content creators to deliver the ultimate subscriber experience. Criar Designs creates unique novelty items based on customer's submitted photos or drawings and ships it directly to content creators, keeping personal information hidden from both parties. The content creator can then use the novelty items to make the ultimate custom fan video.

By leveraging 3D technology, specialized novelty items that meet unique desires and fantasies can be created using skin-safe silicon. The design team loves a challenge, and customers are encouraged to engage with them via

Located in the Midwest, Criar Designs handles the design and print internally to ensures that all products utilize only the highest quality silicone. The skin-safe silicone used in all its items is the same quality as the silicone used in medical prosthetics and cushioning applications. Since the adult novelty industry is unregulated, it is important to go above and beyond to guarantee the highest quality of materials.

About Criar Designs: Criar Designs is disrupting the adult novelty industry by bringing mass customization into the bedroom. By leveraging additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology, Criar Designs can create novelty items desired by its customers using skin-safe silicone. Since 2021, Criar Designs has partnered with content creators to provide the ultimate subscriber experience by designing unique items that are used for custom videos. All novelty items utilize 100% skin-safe silicone to ensure the highest quality and safety standards are met.

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