Crestcom International Announces Fluid Components International as Winner of 2020 Global Leadership Growth Award

Crestcom International announces winner of the prestigious Global Leadership Growth Award is Fluid Components International (FCI)

FCI's Crestcom 2019 Graduates

​​​​Crestcom's Global Leadership Growth Award is given to one company or organization each year that demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to talent and leadership development. Fluid Components International has focused on its mission to make a difference in the world by helping its customers be successful in their efforts to conserve energy, reduce their environmental footprint, and operate with the highest degree of safety. They also ensure employees receive the leadership development they need to continue to innovate solutions in the future. This commitment to both their clients and employees has made them the clear winner for this year's award. Crestcom's leadership experts Sian Wyatt and Jonathan Seitz from Crestcom Southern California nominated FCI because, "as Crestcom business partners, we have had the privilege of helping a lot of good organizations develop their teams and grow their profitability, yet FCI stands out for a couple of reasons. First are the commitment and consistency of FCI's president, Dan McQueen. From the moment Dan engaged Crestcom to aid in the development of his team and to enhance consistent leadership processes throughout the organization, Dan has modeled a commitment to the process. Second is the FCI culture. There is a desire within FCI for constant improvement and a noticeable commitment to the organization and each other.  Commitment to team development from the top and a culture that fosters growth and values each team member's contribution is a winning combination for any organization."

President and CEO Dan McQueen has partnered with Crestcom to prepare for several significant executive retirements approaching in his company. He shares that "it is essential that we develop the team behind them." McQueen also noted that three participants enrolled in the program have been promoted due to their exceptional performance and deployment of the skills they have learned. McQueen chose Crestcom's 12-month leadership program because "Crestcom bundled a number of excellent leadership topics together in an evenly paced format that included elements that would help the subject matter materials stick and become deployable in the work and personal lives of the staff. That learning model was attractive to me." Also noting that after a Crestcom module on mastering negotiation skills, "one of FCI’s participants put the tools to the test and it resulted in a win/win for the parties, as FCI discovered additional requirements, insights on what was essential for the customer, and a chance to increase the scope of supply with hundreds of thousands of incremental revenue."

Fluid Components International has achieved an incredible level of growth through their investment in the development of their team. They have enrolled 20 key personnel in the program, both in their U.S. and European operations. Using the skills developed during the 12-month program, FCI managers have led their teams to become more confident and effective leaders, which is driving real business results. 

About Fluid Components International

Fluid Components International (FCI) designs and manufactures thermal mass flow meters, flow-switches, and level switches for industrial process measurement applications utilizing patented thermal dispersion flow measurement technologies. FCI products deliver accuracy and reliability to the world's most demanding processes and industries, including chemical, oil and gas, power and energy, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, nuclear power, aerospace, and many more. FCI is committed to high-quality, local support, and service throughout the world. Factory authorized sales and service centers are staffed with knowledgeable staff comprehensively trained on FCI instrumentation.

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