Cremation Offers Creativity and Art in Life and Death

Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns introduces unique ways to remember your loved one

Denver, CO- (May 18, 2010)- Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns LLC announced today the astoundingly high volume of consumer response and creative input they have received from their custom urns section of their website which allows for unique ways to remember your loved one.

The Denver-based online company has been bombarded with diverse requests for custom urns and has been working with several new artists to transform these ideas into artistic, creative and unique expressions that suit the needs of the inquiring clients.

"We are astonished by the amount of response this is getting. People are beginning to plan in advance because when you are mourning, it is very difficult to make these kinds of decisions. People need to know that they have choices," said Melody Jamali, owner of Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns.

Custom urns can be anything from handmade sculptures to keepsake urns with a small amount of the ashes spun into a glass piece that compliment your household, displayed as wall art or something as simple as a paperweight.

"Cremation really allows for creativity," said Melody. "Since there are no current regulations on exactly what an urn must be, there are unlimited possibilities. We have received requests for unique urns using motorcycle parts, bottle caps and biodegradable materials to truly reflect a loved one's personality."

Cremation has been rising in popularity. According to The Cremation Association of North America, more than one-third of Americans chose cremation in 2009. This trend can be attributed to the high cost of a funeral, the comparatively low cost of cremation, environmental space concerns and the growing acceptance of cremation in most religions.

About Une Belle Vie
Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns is a Denver, Colorado-based company focusing on providing a supportive and informed experience whether families are planning for the future or coping with the passing of a loved one. Their online community and urn store offer artisan-crafted, decorative cremation urns in a variety of materials designed to celebrate life, personality and offer fitting memorials for those we love. Visit their community of caring online via Facebook and their continuously updated library of educational articles at their cremation blog.