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Credit Umbrella is an online company providing web-based credit repair software to their clients. They aim to improve the financial situations of their customers by giving them reliable software to track their credit and help increase their credit score. Credit Umbrella also provides its services to businesses that deal with clients who make payments in credit, do collections, or require public records and inquiries such as financial consultants, accountants, paralegals, mortgage brokers, and realtors. Founded by financial experts, they provide unmatched services and have been rated as America’s top credit repair software provider.

Talking about how their software provides credit solutions, the Sales Manager said, “By using the software, our clients automatically receive credit reports and scores from the major credit bureaus which are comprehensively checked and negative items identified from the reports. Once the inaccuracies have been identified, clients will use our program to generate compelling disputes that will help in the credit repair process. The disputes are then forwarded to the credit bureaus who have a 30 day period to investigate the request and make changes to your credit report.”

Credit Umbrella helps their clients to get a credit bureau dispute letter template quickly. Manual generation of dispute letters is time-consuming, and for financial consultants, it requires more labor to handle hundreds of requests. TurboScore, the software Credit Umbrella offers their customers, has automated templates that can be used to generate the dispute letters in minutes. The software has unlimited dispute letter generation with 100% accuracy on every letter it produces, which it fast tracks and delivers to the end users.

Speaking about the applicability of their software to credit repair business, the Sales Manager said, “Armed with a computer and our software, customers have an opportunity to operate a credit repair business online at no extra cost. Reputable credit fixing companies use our software, and upcoming businesses can also trust the same software to provide practical solutions to their customers. With guaranteed satisfaction, 100 percent legality and easy-to-use features that work by a single click, you will be able to handle more clients in shorter durations. Apart from the operational abilities of our software, it also comes with complete security and protection that places fraud alerts on all your reports to ensure protection from identity theft, making all your client work private and confidential.”

Credit Umbrella provides their customers with an extensive array of dispute templates that have been used by attorneys to file for credit disputes. Clients can choose the most preferred credit bureau dispute letter template that will be used to generate their reports. Credit Umbrella offers their products in four editions that are; TurboScore home edition, TurboScore Professional, TurboDispute business software and TurboScore Canada. Each version is customized to meet varied credit needs and the higher the edition, the more features and work it can handle. The TurboScore Canada has been custom made to suit credit repair needs in Canada.

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Credit Umbrella is an online company offering credit repair products to both individuals and businesses that want to control their financial situations. The firm is run by financial experts and is the leading credit repair software provider in the United States.

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Credit Umbrella is one of the leading and reputable software development companies.The software enables users to report errors in their credit history and get them fixed within the stipulated time to boost credit score quite fast.

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