Credit Repair Comes to Coffs Harbour

New office location for Clear Credit Solutions

Clear Credit Solutions Coffs Harbour

Clear Credit Solutions, leading credit repair company in Australia, has opened a brand new office in the Coffs Harbour CBD. Right among the hustle and bustle of the pristine Coffs Coast, the new office serves as a shop-front and point of contact for the credit repair company that services Australia-wide.

Offering assistance when it comes to credit-impaired consumers, Clear Credit Solutions can help people who are struggling to obtain finance due to defaults, judgments and clear-outs on credit files. The service assists in helping remove these listings to increase credit scores in some cases and can also help in approval for finance.

Questions like "can I fix my credit" and "how to clear credit history" are common when applying for finance and discovering a negative listing which hinders the process.

With a new office, brand new signage and a unique service on offer, consumers in Coffs Harbour, the Mid North Coast and all around Australia can obtain help and assistance when needed in dealing with an impaired credit file. 

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We are one of the leading credit repair companies in Australia, focused on affordability, customer service and a guaranteed service. We offer simple, fast, credit repair and have helped countless Australians move forward with financial freedom.

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