Credit Repair and Credit Reporting

Tyrone Jackson, The Wealthy Investor

Many Americans are recently becoming aware of the significance of responsible credit reporting. As our world embraces technology, we accept that more and more of our personal data is being stored digitally. This opens the door for security breaches and digital hackers.

The big three credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, have once again come under scrutiny for the handling of sensitive personal data and how it is shared throughout the world. “It seems like everyone wants to help you monitor and repair your credit online for a fee,” says Tyrone Jackson, the Wealthy Investor. “Before you spend hundreds of dollars to monitor or repair your credit, there are a few things you should know.”

Tyrone Jackson, creator and host of the Trading Stocks Made Easy podcast, recently noticed his listening audience was concerned about recent credit security breaches, and if it would impact their stock market trading accounts and their financial pursuits.

Mr. Jackson states, “I have discovered in this day and age that most people will benefit from not only a financial education around trading stocks, but also from credit and credit repair.”

In episode 66 of Trading Stocks Made Easy, Mr. Jackson sits down with credit repair expert, Gene Babitchenko, to give you the 4-1-1 on building and creating good credit as part of your financial education.

You can listen to episode 66 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy podcast, by going to

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