Credello: The Biggest Travel Trends for 2022

Traveling in 2022 will be very different than it was before the 2020 pandemic. Travelers got a small dose of this last year when they were faced with vaccine requirements and mandatory quarantines at certain destinations. Those experiences have helped shaped the plans of this year's travelers. The biggest travel trends of 2022 center around these changes. 

Inflation has been rising as the economic recovery from the pandemic has taken shape, so it's more difficult to travel on budget this year, particularly for travelers who haven't modified their budget since 2019. In other words, expect everything to be more expensive, regardless of destination. Aside from that, this is what 2022 travelers are seeing: 

1. Locations with vaccine requirements are less popular

It's hard to fault regions and countries around the globe for enforcing vaccine requirements, but that doesn't mean that travelers want to go there. If there's a quarantine required upon entry or vaccine status must be verified before departure, travelers are staying away from that destination. There are more open places to fly or drive to that have the same appeal.  

2.  Domestic travel in the U.S. is on the rise

Leaving the country has always come with its share of risks, but 2022 travelers are dealing with the dangers of exposure to COVID-19 and increased civil unrest in certain parts of the world. Meanwhile, there's 3.797 million square miles of space to visit inside the 50 U.S. states. Many travelers are choosing domestic travel over international this year.  

3. Family and multigenerational travel is booming

Human contact was limited during the pandemic, with many families not seeing their loved ones for months at a time. A growing trend in travel this year is for extended family and multigenerational trips. This is particularly true for domestic travel, where groups can save money by carpooling in SUVs and RVs. Expect larger groups at local campsites.  

4. Longer trips are more common

Many travelers are making up for lost opportunities by booking longer trips. Two-week vacations are more common than one-week trips. Four-week and six-week trips are on the rise also, with many workers taking extended time to enjoy freedom away from the office. Some are combining work and play by doing their jobs remotely while traveling.    

5. Caribbean resorts still lead the way

The Caribbean is still the king of all travel destinations. All-in-one resorts in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Aruba are flooded with tourists from the US and other nations where travel was limited in the past few years. Mexico is also doing well, and they have some of the lowest prices around. It doesn't hurt that most of these are a short flight away.  

The Bottom Line: Travelers are staying closer to home

The common thread among all these travel trends is that American travelers are staying closer to home in 2022. Many are opting for domestic locations like Las Vegas or Miami Beach. Those who are leaving the country aren't going far. Families are traveling together. The Caribbean and Mexico are the most popular destinations outside the U.S.  

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