Credello: Inflation is Driving Up Wedding Costs. Here Are 3 Things You Can Do to Save Money, Including Wedding Loans

Many people have an idea of what their dream wedding will resemble. For some, it's a lavish affair on a beach with the sun setting behind them. Others might want something more modest and intimate, with just a few of their closest family and friends in attendance.

Whatever you have in mind as your ideal wedding, if you have met the person of your dreams, you will likely want to take steps to make it a reality. Inflation is probably affecting nearly every aspect of your life right now, though, and that includes wedding costs. Not only are more couples getting married in 2022 and 2023 after weddings were limited during the pandemic, thus, increasing demand, but many wedding vendors shuttered business during the pandemic too, and the cost of goods, such as florals has increased exponentially. 

In this article, we'll talk about ways to save money if you're planning on marrying your special someone in 2022 in spite of inflation.

1. Wedding Loans

personal loan for wedding plans is often a smart idea if you need funds to cover catering, the DJ, renting the venue, etc. It can also potentially save you cash if you play your cards right.

If you get a wedding loan from a credible lending entity with a favorable interest rate, that will probably save you some money vs. using your credit card to cover the costs. This move makes sense if you can find a lender that will give you a lower interest rate than you'd pay if you have to carry a credit card balance for a while after you tie the knot.

Make sure to read any fine print before you sign the loan agreement and pay it off expediently. You don't want to start your marriage buried in debt if you can avoid it.

2. The Guest List

Getting married is how you publicly declare your love for someone. If you've found the person of your dreams, you may feel so joyful that you want to shout your feelings across the rooftops.

It also probably means you want to invite every person you've ever known to the wedding so they can help you celebrate your love. The only problem with this policy is that the longer the wedding guest list gets, the more you'll have to spend on the cake, the food, the venue, and so forth.

A smaller, scaled-down wedding will save you some money. Think about trimming the guest list a little if you feel that there's anyone who doesn't truly need to be there.

3. Wants and Needs

You should also think about your wedding plans in much the same way you would if you were buying a home. There are things you'll want vs. things you'll need.

Talk to your fiance about what you require at the wedding vs. what you'd like to have but which isn't actually necessary. For instance, you might use an Uber to get to the venue instead of renting a limo. You could use a DJ instead of hiring an entire band. 

You Can Still Have a Great Wedding, Despite Inflation

Dealing with inflation isn't much fun, but you can still organize a great wedding if you're careful about budgeting. Getting a short-term wedding loan might make sense if you can find a lending entity that will offer you a reasonable interest rate. That's usually the better option than putting everything on your credit card. 

You can also trim the guest list if you sense you're inviting people who don't really need to be there. Fewer guests will ultimately mean a smaller price tag. You can cut costs in other places as well. You might go with less expensive entrees for dinner. You can take a taxi or Uber to the venue instead of getting a limo, and you can get a DJ rather than an entire live band.

If you follow these steps, you should still be able to have a wedding that you'll remember fondly for the rest of your life.  

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