Credello: How to Save Money on Memorial Day Travel Plans

Memorial Day is a time when we remember fallen veterans. However, it's also the unofficial start of summer. Many people associate cookouts and block parties with Memorial Day weekend. Others select the long weekend as the ideal time to take a vacation from work.

If you're using a loan consolidation calculator to try and get your debt under control, now may not be the year to take a Memorial Day trip. If your finances are in decent shape, though, this could be the time you take a much-needed vacation. 

We'll discuss a few ways to save money on Memorial Day travel plans right now.

1. Fly During the Week

Memorial Day weekend encompasses Friday through Monday. Monday is the actual holiday. Because of this, many people take the day off on Friday to fly to their destination. They enjoy their vacation over Saturday and Sunday, then fly back on Monday as many traditional jobs require that their employees be back at work on Tuesday morning.

Because of this, many airlines charge higher rates for Friday and Monday flights. They're counting on individuals and families being willing to pay those higher prices on those particular days.

If possible, book flights on days other than Friday and Monday. For instance, if you get the time off from work, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars if you fly to your destination on Wednesday or Thursday and then head back on Saturday or Sunday.

2. Use Credit Card Points

Many individuals select credit cards because of the travel perks that come with them. They get points they can put toward things like flights and hotel stays, saving them money on the vacation's overall price tag.

Many families didn't take vacations in 2020 or 2021 because of the pandemic. Because of that, they might be targeting 2022 as the year they return to a favorite vacation spot or go check out a new one. 

If you're sitting on a lot of credit card points you've accumulated over the past couple of years, now might be the time to cash them in. If you can pay for some or all of your flights or hotel stays this Memorial Day, you'll spend less money on the trip.

3. Stay at a Hostel or Airbnb

You might also find that a Memorial Day weekend vacation is out of your reach if you want to stay at a high-end hotel. Staying in those kinds of opulent surroundings is amazing, but it's ok if it's not realistic this year, especially with the cost of flights being so high.

Instead, you can save money by staying at hostels or Airbnbs in many cities. If you haven't become part of the Airbnb program, sign up for it. You can also look online and read the reviews of hostels in the city where you want to stay. As long as you don't find any nightmare reviews about roaches or bed bugs, you should be fine.  

Saving Money on Memorial Day Travel is Possible

You can travel for less this Memorial Day if you get a little creative with your plans. Flying on days other than Friday and Monday can get you cheaper flights and you can stay at an Airbnb or hostel if you can find one with favorable reviews.

Now could also be the time to cash in all those credit card points you've been saving. You might use them for hotel stays or flights. Even if you can't get those things for free, putting points toward them can reduce their price.

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