Credello: Halloween Candy Prices Are Insane This Year: How to Survive It.

It's Halloween. That probably means decorations are up in your neighborhood. Perhaps you're putting together your costume if you're hosting a party or attending one.

Maybe you're also in an area that sees a lot of trick-or-treaters. If so, you'll want to stock up on plenty of candy to satisfy the ravenous hordes.

You may have noticed, though, that candy prices are higher than ever. It's no surprise when you look at inflation and how it's impacting virtually everything you typically buy. Some estimates put candy prices at about 13% higher than they were last year.  

Before you start looking into debt consolidation to pay for fun-size Twizzlers and Snickers bars, read this article. We've got some tips for how you can shave dollars and cents off of your Halloween candy budget.  

1. Buy in Bulk at Costco or Sam's Club

One thing you might do if you get overrun with trick-or-treaters each year is to hit Costco, Sam's Club, or any other store where you can buy candy in bulk at discounted prices. Many of these stores stock larger bags of candy weighing several pounds. You can usually find ones that feature M&M's, Skittles, and other name-brand favorites.

Ideally, you'll already have a membership to one of these stores. If you don't, it's probably not worth buying a membership just so you can save a few dollars on your Halloween candy purchase. 

Instead, you might try to think of any friend, neighbor, or relative who has a Costco or Sam's Club membership. Maybe they'd be willing to let you borrow it so you can make a run and get the supplies you need. 

2. Collaborate with Another House

If the prospect of paying inflated prices for bulk Halloween candy is leaving a sour taste in your mouth, you may also think about going in on a candy purchase with a neighbor on your block. If you go this route, you can either invite them over or else you can turn off all the lights at your house and go over to their place. 

When you do, you can take turns passing out Halloween candy to the trick-or-treaters from a single location. If only one of your homes is passing out candy rather than both, you can cut your candy spending in half.

3. Compare Prices and Buy Bigger Bags

One final thing you can do is compare prices on larger bags of candy. Look at 250-count, 300-count, or 500-count sizes. Then, divide the price by the number of individual candies in each bag. 

If you compare the prices of large bags of candy at bulk discount stores, your local grocery, and online sellers like Amazon or Oriental Trading Company, you should be able to figure out the best deal. Make sure to leave yourself enough time to get the necessary supplies before the holiday. That might mean either a trip to the store or ordering a bulk candy delivery if you can arrange it before Oct. 31. 

Determine the Best Move and Get the Candy You Need

Comparing prices on the larger bags of fun-size candies before you make your purchase can potentially save you some money as the holiday approaches. You might find that a Costco or Sam's Club is your best bet. If so, use your membership or borrow a card from a neighbor, friend, or relative.

If that's not going to shave enough cash off your Halloween candy budget, think about teaming up with another household rather than both houses handing out candy. That way, you can still recoil in terror from every scary costume, but you'll save some money that can go toward paying bills and other pressing expenditures.   

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