Credello: Best Weekend Getaways That Won't Break the Bank

Everyone deserves a getaway, even if it is only for a long weekend. It can be a great time to travel but it's also best not to go overboard. 

For instance, going into debt to travel to an exotic destination for only three days is seldom a smart idea if you can't afford to. There are other long weekend getaways you can look into that won't max out your credit cards.

Let's look at some ideas as to how you can get away for a weekend with that special someone without putting yourself in debt. 

1. A Bed and Breakfast

Traveling to New England to check out the bed and breakfast culture is one option. If you search for "bed and breakfast getaways in New England," you should find many affordable options. There are cozy retreats in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire that will be more than happy to accommodate you.

You can sleep in, enjoy the quaint accommodations, and grab some fresh scones whenever you're ready. Just think of all the lace doilies and tea cozies.

2. The Poconos

It's pretty easy to get to the Poconos, especially if you live on the East Coast. In central Pennsylvania, you'll find majestic slopes that usually feature fresh powder at this time of year. If you fancy yourself a skier, you can give those slopes a try. If you've never skied before but have an adventurous spirit, you and your partner or spouse can try some lessons. Even if you don't ski, you can enjoy a weekend retreat in the picturesque setting and spend it in quiet conversation with your loved one in front of a roaring fire, sipping hot cocoa.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another option for a weekend getaway. You can certainly have a blowout vacation there and spend an unlimited amount of money in record time, but it's also possible to have a more modest vacation in Vegas. 

Consider looking for discounted flights and hotel rooms online. You'll often find them at this time of year since Vegas wants to welcome couples who come to the city for a pleasant interlude. 

Check to see if your credit cards offer any discounts pertaining to Vegas travel or accommodations as well. If you set a spending limit while you're there, you can ensure you don't go overboard at the tables or slot machines. You might also avoid gambling and stay in your room the whole time, ordering chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne while watching the lights on the Strip from your hotel window.

Long Weekend Options Abound

If you get creative, having an inexpensive weekend getaway is always possible. Las Vegas is a welcome destination if you can find a reasonable price on a flight and hotel room. A New England bed and breakfast experience might be in order if you fancy sleeping in and exploring quaint little towns with your partner or spouse. 

Going to the Poconos is ideal if you're a little more adventurous as there are ski opportunities for both experts and newcomers alike. You can also go to a ski lodge and spend your time in front of a cozy fire with your loved one if you don't feel like braving the slopes. 

All of these are relatively inexpensive weekend trip options that shouldn't plunge you into debt.  

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