Creatulize Announces Kickstarter Launch of X1 Robot Bed Vacuum for Intelligent Elimination of Dust Mites

Today, robotics experts Creatulize, announced the Kickstarter launch of their latest robot vacuum. Designed specifically for dust mite and bacteria removal from beds, this revolutionary design maintains a clean and hygienic sleeping environment at the touch of a button. Using advanced robotic technology, a user-friendly one-button operation, and intelligent self-navigation, the X1 Robot Bed Vacuum provides a clean, worry-free night’s rest for everyone. Learn more.

The X1 Robot Bed Vacuum addresses a hidden menace that affects everyone. Each night, an average person sheds about 15 million skin cells, making their bed a thriving habitat for dust mites and bacteria. Neglecting to regularly clean and sanitize the bed means sleeping with hundreds of thousands of mites, bacteria, and other contaminates. X1 is specifically designed to tackle this unsettling issue to ensure cleaner, healthier sleep.

X1 is incredibly effective thanks to its Smart Path Planning. This system employs intelligent algorithms to avoid redundant cleaning, ensuring maximum efficiency. By carefully navigating the bed's surface, X1 eliminates hygiene blind spots and cleans thoroughly. Equipped with sophisticated sensors enabling Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance and Fall Prevention, X1 accurately navigates around objects left on the bed and detects edges to clean completely without the risk of falling off the bed. Another useful feature is X1's Voice Reminder, which provides real-time Intelligent Voice Reporting, so that users do not need to constantly check up on the device during operation.

The X1 Robot Bed Vacuum's cleaning capabilities are exceptional due to its 3-in-1 cleaning cycle which includes Vibrate, Vacuum, and Sanitize processes. First, a high-frequency vibration at 15,000 oscillations per minute dislodges mites and dust particles effectively. This is complemented by 14AW of powerful suction that removes fine dust and particles from deep within the mattress, followed by 270nm LED UV-C sterilization that achieves 99.99% mite elimination and bacterial sterilization. The device also utilizes cyclonic separation and a multi-filter system, preventing air pollution during operation and simplifying container cleaning.

In addition to its seamless automatic cleaning functions, X1 offers Tri-Mode Flexibility, customizable to different weather conditions and cleaning needs. The Gentle mode is perfect for daily bed cleaning, the Powerful mode effectively combats dust mite growth, and the Precision mode offers an intensive cleaning experience, ideal for extended periods of humidity or for using a mattress that has been sitting for some time.

With its advanced technology and user-friendly features, the X1 Robot Bed Vacuum is set to revolutionize the way people maintain cleanliness and enjoy better sleep. Creatulize X1 Robot Bed Vacuum is set to launch on Kickstarter on February 6th, 2024. To learn more, visit the pre launch page here.

Source: Creatulize

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