Creators of the Original Plan Finder Tool on Launch First Omni-Channel Medicare Sales Platform

MMB launches innovative technology that streamlines the Medicare shopping experience for baby boomers and reduces costs for health plans

Senior shopping for Medicare

MMB (MyMedicareBot) announces the launch of its Omni-channel Sales Platform, an integrated suite of tools and analytics that harness the power of personalization to provide a seamless, integrated, and consistent customer experience for seniors shopping for Medicare plans.

The Medicare shopping experience has not kept up with the same level of innovation as the banking and retailing industries, where many of today’s boomers and seniors have learned to become confident and self-sufficient online shoppers. As a result, “Millions of Medicare beneficiaries find shopping for their insurance confusing, time-consuming, and outdated, costing health plans billions to serve them poorly,” says Michael Cho, co-founder and CEO of MMB.

As the team that built the original Plan Finder Tool on, MMB applied its consumer engagement expertise to provide the first true omni-channel shopping and enrollment experience. With MMB, beneficiaries can seamlessly move between self-service (consumer website, AI-powered voice bots) and human-assisted channels (agents, brokers) to find the right plan for them. With more intuitive tools at their disposal, customers can better help themselves or be more efficiently helped when they do call in for assistance. This reduces call center interactions and improves customer satisfaction – saving valuable time and money for both health plans and their customers.

For health plans, MMB’s platform includes robust reporting and analytics that provide greater visibility and actionable insights on how consumers shop for, select, and enroll in Medicare plans. The integrated platform can significantly lower operating costs for health plans by employing a single platform instead of their current patchwork of outdated technologies. An omni-channel approach is a major win for both Medicare beneficiaries and the health plans serving them.

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About MMB:

MMB is a technology and services company that uses analytics to drive Medicare membership growth, retention, and profitability. They are experts in developing innovative Medicare distribution solutions that are quick to implement and increase the ROI of clients’ sales, retention, and conversion campaigns.

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