Creator of the World's First SMART Skincare Device Seeks Support From the Public in New Kickstarter Campaign

Comper Smarkin

Leading technology and healthcare provider, Comper launched its third Kickstarter campaign and is seeking support from the public to bring its latest innovative product to market.

Comper Smarkin is the first SMART facial machine in the world. It integrates enhanced technologies including RF, EMS, LED and micro vibrational therapy for firming the face, fending off the signs of aging, reducing stubborn fatty facial deposits and tackles other common skin defects such as acne.

Designed to assess the most suitable skincare routine for each individual user by use of an intelligent and ground-breaking App, the Smarkin is able to dynamically provide the right treatment settings for optimum results.

Users can first test their skin using the Comper Health App and give information on changes to their skin or skin disorders, periods and allergies.  Next, a personal skincare schedule with reset functions is generated and sent to the Smarkin providing a completely tailored skincare and treatment routine.

This intelligent skincare device is the first of its kind and users can revisit the App at any time to combat changing skin issues such as breakouts and fine lines.

Manufactured using medical grade silicone rubber and 51mm electrode surface for treating large areas of skin at the same time, the Smarkin offers four innovative skincare technologies in one including radio frequency for skin tightening and plumping, electrical muscle stimulation to combat fatty facial deposits, LED light technology for breakouts, acne, fine lines and skin repair as well as MASS vibration therapy to stimulate the dermis and increase absorption of face creams and serums.

This is the third Kickstarter campaign launched by Comper who have successfully created other innovative and technologically advanced health and wellbeing products including the Smart Fertility Tracker which is currently a finalist in the Best of Baby Tech Awards for 2018 and winner for LUX Parent and Baby Awards 2018.

Comper are currently seeking funding from the public to help bring their advanced skincare device to the market, and anyone looking to contribute will receive a generous 60% pre-order discount available this December as a thank you for their support.

Du Han, CEO and Founder of Comper Healthcare, said, “There’s no one size fits all solution to beautiful skin, so the Smarkin will completely revolutionise the skin care device industry.

“This technologically advanced and fully personalised device as everyone deserves to feel confident about their skin and allow a fully tailored skincare routine that offers the best results, regardless of skin type, problem or age.”

To find out more about the Smarkin, contribute and take advantage of the pre-order discount, visit the Kickstarter project page.

Source: Comper Healthcare


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