Creative Solutions of Wisconsin Jumpstarts 2022 With Refreshing Rebrand

The Disability Support Services Organization Reinvigorates Innovative Services With New Look, New Site

Creative Solutions of Wisconsin

Creative Solutions of Wisconsin, an organization dedicated to offering comprehensive support services to people with disabilities and their families, has undergone a major rebrand. "We've been focusing on our clients since we started in 2017," said founder and CEO Laura Martin, "and we looked around at this wonderful thing we've built together, and we're ready to share it even farther." 

Martin, a passionate disability advocate, knows a thing or two about the pressures, stress, and anxiety that come with navigating the world of disability supports, services, and funding. As a mother of children with disabilities, Martin has made accessibility and inclusion her life's mission, starting with better support structure. "We're all about finding creative solutions to meet our client's unique needs," Martin explained. Martin fears that many people with disabilities and their families often go un- or under-served due to frustration with the system. "It can be incredibly difficult navigating everything from finding and funding support to sourcing reliable care services."

"We're dealing with truly systemic issues," said Jennifer Nicholson, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and COO of Creative Solutions. "The disability support profession is seeing unprecedented turnover and those with disabilities are feeling the strain now more than ever." 

Enter Creative Solutions of Wisconsin. Focused on making life easier for their clients, the team of direct support professionals has set out to improve support structures for adults and children with disabilities from the ground up. The group takes a multi-faceted approach to support services, seeking to improve training, education, and compensation for direct support professionals while fighting for greater inclusion and accessibility in communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. 

Rather than asking those with disabilities to adapt to flawed systems, the Creative Solutions team is working to create larger change. "We're focusing on 'bigger picture' issues like educating the community through future planning along with individualized assessments to maximize independence through daily living skills training and brokered supports," stated Nicholson.

The team balances meeting the short- and long-term needs of their clients through advocacy and daily support. "One day, it's about finding reliable in-home care or assisting our clients as they plan for future needs, and another day, it's connecting with lawmakers and business owners to push for better inclusion," explained Martin.

According to both Martin and Nicholson, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to support and that is exactly what they wanted to capture with their new branding. The new logo and color story made its debut with the launch of, a new ADA-friendly website that illustrates the organization's offerings. "It's been an incredible journey so far, and we're just getting started," said Martin. "This has been an amazing step for Creative Solutions and now, more than ever, we're dedicated to removing barriers and empowering each and every person with disabilities to live the lives they choose and design for themselves."

Creative Solutions of Wisconsin works with the disability community and their families to effectively navigate disability services while encouraging growth across all aspects of life — social, emotional, financial, mental, and physical. Its team assists in securing affordable housing, finding meaningful job opportunities, and encouraging social and community engagement. Visit to learn more.

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Creative Solutions of Wisconsin works with the disability community and their families to effectively navigate disability services while encouraging growth across all aspects of life.