Creative Learning Hub Offers Artsy Curriculum Open to All

HATCH Labs Inc. launches, seeking students and sponsor support.

​​Basics of drawing. Photoshop 101. How to Critique. Digital photography. Painting. Video production. Modeling. Business 101. Sounds like the class lineup a creative mind would have dreamed of in high school or college. Today it is becoming a possibility as HATCH Labs Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3), launches and is looking for students and sponsors for this new education-based community training for the arts.

HATCH Labs Inc. is an ecosystem of software training and educational resources in a collaborative workspace for artistic people (photographers, videographers, designers, and models) of all levels and abilities. Students experience professional workshops and live demonstrations within a range of environments.

We're looking for students and supporters to contribute to the growth and development of a broader creative community and innovative temporary public art projects.

Jeramie Lu, Co-owner of HATCH and long-time photographer

"We wanted to introduce a welcoming way for those interested in various art forms to learn more about them and hopefully peak the interests of our students," said Jeramie Lu, co-owner of HATCH and long-time photographer. "We're looking for students and supporters to contribute to the growth and development of a broader creative community and innovative temporary public art projects."

With over a dozen courses, HATCH Labs Inc. includes opportunities for veterans, students, bilingual individuals, seniors, industry leaders and others within the community. They are working to further coordinate with local college and high school programs to create additional credited programming.

"There is a strong vision to move this interactive training to new heights. Right now our focus is to kick off a fantastic program with funding from supporters to help purchase computers, software, marketing materials and supplies for students hoping to participate. The community has been incredibly supportive of this program that aims to help many delve into the creative realm," said Ron Kots, co-owner of HATCH.

For a tour of the space, information on enrolling in a class, or to donate time, money or services, call 775-223-3429 or email

HATCH was created to bring like-minded creative artists together along with community leaders and businesses to better grow and inspire the art community in Reno through studio rental, workshops and community events. HATCH provides 24/7 studio access to photographers, videographers, artists, and models. The company has two locations in the Reno area with more coming soon. For more information, please visit

Source: HATCH Labs Inc.

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HATCH is a unique concept born from the creative minds of Jeramie Lu and Ron Kots in the summer of 2013. Lu and Kots merged their talents to develop a one-of-a-kind studio space that provides professional photographers, videographers and artists.

750 E 5th St
Reno, Nevada