Creative Eye Workshops™ Offers Convenient Photography Classes in La Grange Area for Adults with Busy Schedules

Creative Eye Workshops™ provides photography classes in La Grange, Western Springs, and Brookfield areas that are designed to fit busy adult schedules.

Creative Eye Workshops™ provides photography classes in La Grange, Western Springs, and Brookfield areas that are designed to fit busy adult schedules.

Instead of offering long courses that require extended commitments, Creative Eye Workshops' instructor and founder, Mike MacDonald, created a curriculum composed of several short classes, making them easier to schedule.

MacDonald adds, "Busy people like our classes because we save them time. That's because we don't waste it. We concentrate on the fundamentals, instead of confusing students with tons of information on general topics. We teach one piece of information at a time and explain it in depth, so that the student really gets it. Our classes teach you photography, once and for all."

Creative Eye Workshops classes cover such technical and creative topics as learning your digital camera (DSLR), exposure and photographic composition, Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, digital printmaking, landscape and nature photography. Classes are usually hands-on and often include visual presentations, which feature insightful graphics and computer animations that clearly illustrate how things work. Shutter and aperture, flash sync, depth-of-field and field of view, polarizer and split grad filters, the exposure triad of shutter speed/f-stop/ISO, crop factor and focal length, everything is taught in a visual way so their students learn with less effort.

After receiving degrees in mathematics and physics, MacDonald worked as a scientific computer programmer. After three years, when he was laid off, he turned to comedy and, eventually, nature photography. As an internationally-published photographer, MacDonald brings into the classroom an unusual set of skills, combining his scientific knowledge with twenty-seven years of professional comedy and public speaking experience. An inspirational figure, MacDonald bursts with passion, motivating his students to take their love of photography to the next level.

Deborah A. from La Grange, Illinois expressed enthusiasm about her classes and MacDonald's inspiring teaching style, "I thoroughly enjoyed your classes. Your energy and depth of knowledge are inspiring! Thanks for a great experience."

About Creative Eye Workshops™:

Creative Eye Workshops™, founded by Mike MacDonald, provides photography classes for all levels of photographers in Chicago area. Creative Eye offers digital camera courses, classes in photo composition and exposure, Photoshop Elements classes, landscape photography and nature photography workshops. It also provides private photography lessons and photography workshops. The founder and instructor, Mike possesses rare and symbiotic credentials that makehim stand out as a photographer and a teacher. For more information please visit:

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