Creative Chemistry, Knowledge Mold Successful Cannabis Marketing Brand at Golden State Greens

San Diego-based disoensary launches new campaign focused on getting customers excited about the summer

The proof is in the pudding, or this case, the marketing team when it comes to running a successful cannabis dispensary. Following nearly a year and a half of social distancing restrictions sparked by the COVID-19 health crisis, the retail world is beginning to open back up.

Locally, Golden State Greens had already started celebrating. On April 20, the San Diego-based business held its "4/20 Social" where attendees safely sampled free products from top industry vendors and enjoyed live music. The cannabis dispensary later received second place for its associated "Best of 4/20" video submitted in a national cannabis marketing campaign.

"We're grateful that customers trusted us to participate in the event and had such a good time," said Alex Leon, Chief Marketing Officer for Golden State Greens. Moving into summer, the "Cannabis You Can Trust" brand is focused on bringing in new customers and getting current ones excited about trying something new.

Golden State Greens has had continued success as a dispensary due to its dynamic brand design and marketing strategy collective Soul Sugar, of which its member majority have worked together for years, as well as its partnership with 3KEYMEDIA.

"We each bring something different to the table," Leon said. "We're intimately involved in our respective areas within the industry and together know what we need to do to survive."

Golden State Greens CEO Adam Knopf assembled the team, whose diverse knowledge of the brand and relationship to each other allows them to problem-solve more effectively.

Everyone has a specific role. "As a marketing strategist I map out the general direction we need to go and once I put a plan together I communicate that to the team," Leon said. "Doing things this way provides a level of consistency throughout the process."

The company's digital marketing approach provides a more expedited service to customers through tailored tactics and is one of the reasons that Golden States Greens adjusted so well during the pandemic. "You need to have an intimate understanding of the market to know what products will move and be able to tailor things from there."  

The company's marketing strategies are what represent the brand to the community, including understanding how to purchase the right products for the business and implementing a solid recruitment process that educates staff on how to treat customers like family.

Heading into summer, Golden State Greens will focus on encouraging people to get outside. "We want to inspire customers to feel good about challenging themselves to get out of their comfort zone," Leon said.

Golden State Greens continues to produce safe, quality products for the community as it moves into an event-filled year, including its presence as a local talent sponsor and vendor at the city's Bayfest Festival at Waterfront Park on July 10. Find out more by calling 844-420-8387.

Source: Golden State Greens


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