Creative Care Inc. to Open a New Residential Dual Diagnosis Facility in March 2022

Creative Care Inc. is excited to announce the grand opening of a new residential treatment facility to care for adults suffering from substance use and mental health disorders. The facility is located on a beautiful property in Calabasas with a dedicated staff of experienced mental health professionals trained in a wide variety of evidence-based therapies, including psychological and diagnostic testing, detox, CBT-informed therapy, trauma therapy, EMDR, attachment-focused therapy, and more.

Clients of the dual diagnosis program can expect the same clinical excellence Creative Care employs at its primary residential mental health treatment facility. In addition, the dual diagnosis program encourages clients to understand how prior traumas have impacted their mental health. By understanding the origins of their disorders, clients can regain the power stripped by their addiction.

"Our mission is to offer innovative and compassionate treatment for people with acute mental health difficulties and addiction issues. We believe that everyone can attain mental wellness and a life free from addiction," says Dr. Morteza Khaleghi, co-founder of Creative Care.

About Creative Care

Creative Care was founded in 1989 with the belief that those struggling with addiction and emotional health issues are most effectively helped in a holistic way. We believe that each individual must be heard and understood in the context of their life story and that, as we nurture the client through this process, we help the client and their families connect the dots between emotions and behaviors. We believe that while learning the words to connect thoughts and feelings to behaviors, and creating ties to life and loved ones, healing takes place. 

Our life's work is formed through a dedicated approach to combining evidence-based treatment modalities with psychodynamic and family systems interventions to help clients learn new ways to interact with the world and their loved ones. 

We know that treatment works and that individuals and their families can lead rich and fulfilling lives. We are committed to providing an environment where those suffering can come and be heard, nurtured, and healed. 

For more information, please visit, email, or call Katy Eyer at 310-936-1287.

Source: Creative Care Inc.


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