CreateMyTest App Revolutionizes Studying by Generating Tests From Any Content

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Create Matching Questions About Any Topic

The CreateMyTest app is a new educational app powered by artificial intelligence that generates tests for students from any content. This app, recently featured on Product Hunt, can help students test their knowledge as they learn across different media types and get the key takeaways from any content right away.

Students can take any YouTube videos, text or PDF documents, including their class notes and more, and send them to the CreateMyTest app. In a few moments, the app will parse all relevant information and extract key points the student should know. The app will then generate different tests based on the student's preferences, including Multiple Choice, True or False, Matching, and Fill-in-the-Blank quizzes.

Through this app, students can gain a powerful learning aid that helps them identify and retain key takeaways from any content. Students can learn how to evaluate what information is essential and what is not, reinforcing key learning fundamentals that can make learning easier. They can also reduce test stress by acclimating themselves to the information they're learning in a testing environment, reducing a key source of poor test scores.

Students who study alone can greatly benefit from the app, as it can help to summarize content succinctly while crafting questions that the student doesn't have any immediate input on formulating. Students sometimes struggle to create challenging, illuminating questions about the content they are studying and aren't sure what to focus on for their in-class tests. This app can help students anticipate the most important subject matter and develop a more comprehensive understanding before the test day.

With the CreateMyTest app, students also gain exposure to artificial intelligence technology, giving them a hands-on opportunity to see how AI can deliver value to their lives and helping them better leverage this technology in their academic and professional lives.

The app is also helpful in non-academic settings. Suppose there is a piece of content you are trying to remember. In that case, the key points from the app can help you determine the salient information and remember it for your next meeting, project or conversation in a personal or professional setting. 

The app is free for the first 5,000 words submitted but has a step-based price scale that requires only a one-time payment to unlock each new level, making it accessible for students without spending money to gain value. CreateMyTest also allows students to make more significant commitments the more they believe they will use the app across their academic careers.

CreateMyTest can be used at any grade level and by students of any age. The app uses its content to generate a test appropriate to the content's sophistication. With its simple-to-use interface, students can use the app quickly while gaining value.

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