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Try Virto SharePoint Forms Designer Features, which allow users to create professional and impressive forms within minutes


VirtoSoftware ( SharePoint Forms Designer comes with new useful features. 

SharePoint Forms Designer by VirtoSoftware ( is transforming default SharePoint list forms into complex and easy-to-use forms which allow users to create, edit, and view lists in Office 365 or SharePoint 2013.

The processes of optimization and segregation of the information from a large number of SharePoint lists allow companies to delegate time and financial resources more rationally. With Virto Forms Designer App there are no longer insipid invoices and reports. Present any company's data by using convenient, comprehensive, and impressive forms.

Optimize information into accordions or tabs with Virto Forms Designer App for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 for easy work with SharePoint lists. One of the most useful features is that users can assign view/edit permissions for SharePoint groups. Certain form fields will be hidden from not-permitted users. 

Create a different variation of list forms easy with the intuitive and user-friendly interface. Some fields of SharePoint list forms can be personalized to meet the requirements of single users or user groups requirements.

The drag&drop feature allows managing complicated SharePoint forms seamlessly even for an end-user. The ready-to-use fields will make the building of a new SharePoint form as a pure pleasure. 

The Virto SharePoint Designer App allows users to create professional forms with a unique design. With a wide range of useful features, any user can insert images, links, buttons, and even color-code for a more powerful look of the form. 

The visual interface of Virto SharePoint Forms Designer with HTML, Javascript, and CSS editors provide users with much more diverse functional. With these powers, users can improve their SharePoint forms to meet business needs in the best way. 

There is an opportunity in Virto SharePoint Designer to create a SharePoint form from scratch or use any saved template. The import or export buttons can be used for managing different templates easily.

Compact and smart forms and customized interface allow users to colossally reduce the time for working with SharePoint lists and accelerate time for creating, editing, and viewing list items which are important for certain users or user groups. 

"That is a really great product by VirtoSoftware which allows users to work with SharePoint forms much easier and faster. Our team hopes that every user would appreciate this functionality," said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO of VirtoSoftware.

All features of Virto SharePoint Forms Designer:

  • Make SharePoint forms customized with extra sections and blocks, using the drag and drop feature.
  • Set user or group permissions to view form fields.
  • Customize form text fields and hide labels of fields if needed.
  • Preview form and save a draft without publishing.
  • Add images, lookup columns, buttons, links, and many other elements to your form.
  • Define colors, text styles, and design the fields’ appearance with additional Virto SharePoint Forms Designer tools (Rich text formatting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editors).
  • Apply the same view for creating, editing, and displaying forms, without individual adjustment.
  • Export\import saved form templates and apply the same or slightly modified view for different lists.
  • Support for cross-site lookup field type.

About VirtoSoftware

VirtoSoftware was founded in 2009 by a professional team who designs and builds innovative SharePoint web parts and Office 365 apps. Today we are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provide our high-quality products and services for thousands of users around the world, including Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit VirtoSoftware products include: 

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VirtoSoftware is a professional team who designs and builds innovative SharePoint web parts and Office 365 apps.

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