CRE8 Independent Consultants Offers Expert Advice on How to Develop COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures to Protect Lives While Re-Opening Sectors of the Economy

If COVID-19 guidelines to re-open the economy are vague and not measured they will fail and risk lives. What is needed is COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures to support different industry sectors, locations, and sizes.

Standard Operating Procedures

CRE8 Independent Consultants offers expert advice on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to help government and business sectors to re-open while protecting public health. “As process improvement experts, we want to share our knowledge of how an SOP can provide clear instructions of what government, business, and the public need to do to re-open sectors of the economy while protecting lives.”

George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants states, "If COVID-19 guidelines to re-open the economy are vague as to what is required, they will fail. What is needed is COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures to support different industry sectors, locations, and sizes."

An SOP will allow for a process to be discussed, documented, reviewed, approved, communicated, implemented, and measured. The SOP will:

  • specify, for different industries and office/location sizes - specific procedures including the level(s) and type(s) of protective gear, volume (capacity) restrictions, spacing requirements, frequency of cleaning, testing, measurement, reporting, and level of audit required.
  • when combined with process improvement it will allow organizations to improve efficiencies while staff work from home, a decreased on-site office workforce, and cope with shifts in customer/public demand.

An SOP can be developed quickly and can range from two pages (with a basic flowchart and instructions) to more detailed as required. As most people are visually oriented, an SOP will clearly communicate the message.

But why not just develop a general policy (e.g. stay six feet away) instead of a Standard Operating Procedure? Without the “how” addressed, the “what” to change will not be clear, the deployment will be inconsistent, and lives will be put at risk. This is what we have seen when the beaches in the United States are opened and then closed again, as the volume of people visiting increases.   

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To learn more about how the development of Standard Operating Procedures can help the government, public, your organization; or for media, contact George Dunn President of CRE8 Independent Consultants by submitting a request through our web site, email at, or call at 206-556-5958.

About CRE8 Independent Consultants: Over the past 25 years, CRE8 Independent consultants have successfully assisted government and commercial organizations in all industry sectors with process and workflow improvement. Our clients range from 25 to 250,000 employees.​

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