Crazy Paving: What It is and Why Australians Love It, According to Edwards Slate and Stone

Crazy paving is one of the oldest forms of landscaping stone and can still be seen in Australian architecture and landscaping today. Edwards Slate and Stone explains what it is.


One of the oldest forms of landscaping stone is crazy paving, which is still extremely popular in Australia to this day. Crazy paving can be found in classic gardens and quarries across Victoria, making it a big part of the state's natural heritage. Experts in crazy paving Melbourne wide, Edwards Slate and Stone, explains how crazy paving is used today and why Australians still love it.

Crazy paving is a type of paving that works in most settings, adding a timeless and natural quality to a range of renovation and landscaping projects. The name stems from the way the stones are quarried according to their natural shapes rather than being cut into predetermined shapes and sizes.

Edwards Slate and Stone explains that crazy paving can come in a variety of forms: slate, quartzite and limestone are the most common. Limestone is typically the top choice for larger pavers and quartzite for smaller sizes. These stones can come in a variety of colours and have various other qualities, making them fit for a large range of different settings.

Each type of stone undergoes a different geological process, which determines the shape and size of it once it has been extracted from the quarry. Some quarries produce only small sized crazy paving, while others produce crazy paving in sizes around 800 millimeters in diameter. Crazy paving is also known for being very durable, withstanding the test of time and weather; these stones often last for generations before showing signs of wear and tear. Considering how timeless and classic the look is, says Edwards Slate and Stone, this is an important quality.

Crazy paving is an extremely versatile method of paving, says Edwards Slate and Stone. It can be laid directly into soil for a meandering garden path, set into mortar amongst grass and plants, cut carefully to form specific patterns, or even used on fascias or pillars for a point of interest on a home. Small sized crazy paving is shaped in a specific way so that it fits together perfectly, while larger slabs of crazy paving can be styled to look effortless and unique.

No matter what the project, rely on the professionals for the highest quality crazy paving and bluestone pavers Melbourne has to offer. Edwards Slate and Stone provides expert services in crazy paving and bluestone tiles Melbourne wide.

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