'Crafted Designz' Makes History as It Claims ADN Best Web Design Agency Award 2020-2021

Crafted Designz

2020 proved to be the most dreaded year for businesses around the globe, where the world's economy took a deep plunge and businesses were unable to catch their potential growth curve. Crafted Designz turned out to be a game-changer among design agencies in the United States, while many were forced to take a voluntary exit.

Crafted Designz was awarded the coveted ADN Best Web Design Agency Award 2020-2021 and was runner-up in the ADN Best Digital Marketing Agency Award 2020-2021 in September 2021.

What Are ADN Awards?

The ADN Awards are one of America's oldest and most distinguished accolades conducted every year. More than 2,000 companies across United States take part and try their luck to achieve their recognition in different areas like website design, app development, video animation, logo and brand identity designs, digital marketing & online reputation management. Honorees are chosen for consistently and reliably demonstrating the said potentials and are judged in these areas with an expert jury team consisting of 15+ members.

Judgment Criteria:

  1. Creativity & Innovation: 10 Points
  2. Customer Satisfaction: 10 Points
  3. Service Delivery & Quality: 10 Points
  4. Competitive Pricing: 10 Points
  5. Prompt Delivery: 10 Points

2020-2021 ADN Awards:

The panel of acclaimed personalities in areas like web design, customer service & quality, app development, digital & content marketing, ORM and product development applauded Crafted Designz and its absolutely outstanding professional accomplishments in the years 2020-2021 and made the following comments:

"Crafted Designz deviates from the traditional heater design language. Their creative Website design and Digital marketing team along with their customer service quality transformed them into a distinguished company that expertly blends creativity and customer satisfaction. Along with its competitiveness, comprehensive experience, and service delivery, it has clearly established a pretty much untouchable standard in the fields of web design and digital marketing."

Crafted Designz achievements?

Crafted Designz has acquired the lead in the website design and digital marketing areas in the United States, achieving a magnum opus, with such a resounding achievement. Crafted Designz had to excel in all of the disciplines according to ADN's legal standards to win this award, thus this was a significant accomplishment.

Crafted Designz and its outstanding achievement have received significant praise from the jurors and technical community, with an overall record-breaking rating of 9.86 out of 10. The overall point distribution for Crafted was:

  1. Service Quality: 10/10
  2. Creativity & Innovation: 9.9/10
  3. Customer Satisfaction: 10/10
  4. Competitive Pricing: 9.4/10
  5. Prompt Delivery: 10/10

Crafted Group has various brands like Crafted Designz & Crafted Logo, is the pioneer of web design, brand identity & digital marketing services across the U.S., and with these ADN rating score, Crafted Designz has absolutely shattered benchmarks. As of 2021, Crafted Designz has shown itself to be an unparalleled key contributor to the Web Design & Digital Marketing Industry with its exceptional ratings. They have proved to be the leaders in these areas.

Source: Crafted Designz


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