Releases New Agile Story Mapping Feature - the fastest developing professional product management tool has finally released a new Story Mapping feature.The new agile feature promises to be another extremely useful service for product managers all over the world.

Story Map guide from Craft

today introduced the new agile Story Mapping tool. The product management platform has already proved itself to be one of the leading professional tools in the field, friendly and easy to master.

“We are revolutionizing the product management field with a platform that allows product managers to manage their entire process in one place: discovery, definition, roadmapping, sprint planning, collaboration, and as of today - story mapping as well. Craft is the only platform that enables managers to orchestrate product development with such detail, from such a broad perspective - states Nir Erlich, Co-Founder and CEO at, commenting on the great value of managing all product lifecycle needs as one holistic process.

Craft is the fastest growing software built by product managers for product managers

Vadim Muravjov, Head of Marketing @ Craft

The new feature promises to provide better understanding of product functionality and help with prioritization. It offers an intuitive understanding of the product, starting with needs specification through detailed user stories and a clear story mapping strategy.

Moreover, this is a good brainstorming and ideation history source that can be used to visualize product requirements, use cases and priorities. By analyzing story mapping, the team can better identify the dependencies resulting from the expected flow through the story mapping technique. Story mapping cards can also be used for risk assessment and management.

The newly launched feature guarantees even better performance in practical product management and its release is a much anticipated product enhancement for Craft’s expanding user-base.

For more information on Craft’s product management capabilities try out the platform!

About Craft: is the agile product management platform designed by product managers for product managers. Suited for PMs in organizations large and small, Craft helps you build your vision and collaborate seamlessly with your team to discover, plan and execute your product from start to end, leveraging smart visualization solutions to harvest creativity and channel innovation to a structured and productive process.


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