Cprime Learning Announces Workshops for the First Comprehensive Training Program for Integrating SAFe® and Jira Align

​​​Cprime Learning, the training and certifications division of global consulting firm Cprime, is excited to announce the first training program on Atlassian's Jira Align toolset for implementing SAFe®. The six-hour course, How to Use Jira Align to Implement SAFe®, is not only the first publicly available training for Jira Align software, it is also the first that blends the Scaled Agile Framework with Atlassian tool implementation. 

Jira Align, an Atlassian tool, enables organizations to link corporate strategy and initiatives to the work being completed at every level and provide visibility to executives on defined OKRs to measure the fulfillment of strategic goals. The software is able to aggregate data, align team members on scope and dependencies, while still optimizing value for the customer. This software greatly benefits Program and Portfolio Managers, PMO Directors, Transformation Leads, Agile Leads, and other SAFe® leaders involved in scaled agility initiatives.

In recent years, Agile development practices have been broadly adopted by technology teams, and research has shown that those practices work well at the team level. However, coordinating those successes into holistic outcomes across huge workforces and high levels of complexity have proven challenging. Until now, the ability to get insights across all work with tools not designed to support the SAFe® framework required significant manual intervention. 

Jira Align remedies this manual overhead. Cprime is uniquely positioned to teach Jira Align in hands-on workshops. Some of the world's leading experts on Jira Align work for Cprime, and Cprime was awarded Atlassian's Agile Partner of the Year in 2019. Through this strong partnership, Jira Align customers are enabled to maximize the value and utility of the toolset.

The workshop includes instructor-led demonstrations and individual simulation exercises to connect strategy to execution in Jira Align. Tina Behers, the leader of Cprime's Jira Align practice, says the ideal learner comes to this workshop from "a large enterprise with established Agile practices at the team level, with more than three Agile release trains that are seeking to gain a strategically aligned delivery across the organization."

The workshop teaches participants how to:

  • Effectively align delivery across an organization, from a prioritized set of portfolio epics to execution plans
  • Build a strong foundation for Jira Align as the most comprehensive enterprise tool to support SAFe®
  • Align goals with strategic themes - participants will learn how Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) concepts are supported by Jira Align
  • Report and monitor across the portfolio to enable effective decision-making
  • Simulate configuration, preparation and execution of PI planning and the framework in Jira Align

This course is ideal for those scaling Agile with SAFe® who are considering Jira Align as an enterprise tool or those who are using the software currently and are seeking to optimize usage with best practices. 

Learn more about how to register for an upcoming session here. Additional questions or inquiries can be directed to learn@cprime.com.

Source: Cprime

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