cPanel & WHM Version 64 Hits Market

cPanel has released cPanel & WHM version 64, which is the second of 4 major version releases planned this year

cPanel & WHM version 64

cPanel, Inc., the Hosting Platform of Choice, is excited to announce the second major version of 2017 has been released, boasting tons of new features and a slew of improvements. cPanel & WHM® version 64 started development in January and began being released through the cPanel & WHM release tiers in March. It enters the STABLE tier today, and will soon be the version used on more than 75% of cPanel & WHM servers.  

“This version of cPanel & WHM really focused on communication improvements,“ said Ken Power, Vice President of Product Development at cPanel. “We are very proud of this version of cPanel & WHM and are continuing to add improvements that make the lives of our customers better.”

"This version of cPanel & WHM really focused on communication improvements."

Ken Power, Vice President of Product Development

This version of cPanel & WHM is released with the ability to have instant email delivery on iOS devices, new integration possibilities for server notifications, and expansion of the cPAddons integration to support RPM installations. Additional features improvements include website security, email storage and searching, and the backup system. As of version 64, you can also purchase multi-year Organization Verification (OV) and Extended Verification (EV) SSL certificates directly from within a user's cPanel® interface.

Anyone looking for more information about cPanel & WHM version 64 can check out the cPanel Release site to see an overview of the features included in version 64. Full details about all cPanel & WHM 64 features can be found in the Release Notes

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