Cozy Bump Donates Cozy Bump Pillows to Pregnancy Care Center of the Ozarks

Cozy Bump, a leading provider of pregnancy body pillows, recently donated Cozy Bump pillows to Pregnancy Care Center of the Ozarks. The pillows help expectant mothers lie comfortably on their bellies to minimize back pain during pregnancy.

Cozy Bump

Cozy Bump recently donated 20 Cozy Bump pregnancy pillows to Pregnancy Care Center of the Ozarks. Expecting mothers receiving care at the center now have access to a body pillow that can help them sleep more restfully during pregnancy.

"We're happy to provide this gift to a great organization. The Cozy Bump will allow expectant mothers from the Pregnancy Care Center to lie on their belly during their pregnancy and help ease discomfort and back pain during their pregnancy," stated Logan Zanki, the founder of Cozy Bump. The Wilmington-based pregnancy pillow provider offers a product that makes stomach sleeping possible during various stages of pregnancy. The Cozy Bump body pillow features a unique circular cutout design that safely and comfortably cradles the expecting mother’s belly without putting excess pressure on the belly or causing the back to arch. The pillow is also designed to relieve stress on the lumbosacral spine by angling the legs slightly downward and keeping the mid-region elevated during sleep.

Most women are unable to sleep on their stomachs during pregnancy, especially as the belly grows during the second and third trimesters. For women who traditionally sleep on their stomachs, being forced to adopt side or back sleeping positions can cause uncomfortable and restless sleep during pregnancy. The innovative design of the Cozy Bump pillow gives pregnant women a better chance of sleeping restfully during various stages of pregnancy. The pillow is chiropractor and OB/GYN approved and helps decompress the spine to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy.

Each inflatable Cozy Bump pillow is six feet long by three feet wide. The circular opening that cradles the belly can be adjusted to comfortably accommodate most pregnancy bellies as they grow. Cozy Bump pillows also feature an air chamber that prevents the back from arching during sleep.

The popular Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow is available at and other major online retailers, including and For more information about Cozy Bump pillows, visit  

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