Cozistyle Announces New Product, Cozistyle Smart Sleeve, a Functional Bag for MacBook.

Functional accessories for Apple devices from Cozistyle. Most user-friendly and high-quality Bags and Cases make the products suggested by Cozistyle really advanced and unique. Innovation is the main way to create comfortable products that are able to fulfill the demand of every user. Cozistyle, Experience Comfort.

Smart Cover

What makes a Cozistyle Smart Sleeve bag for MacBook differ from others ?
Cozistyle announces Pure Linen version for Cozistyle Smart Sleeve collection.

·      Integrated new technologies (patented)

·      Functionality

Cozistyle is committed to the design and innovation of the most comfortable and unique Mobile accessories for Apple devices. We focus on incorporating user experience in our designs to meet the needs of customers. We also strive for creating the most stylish products in the market and we believe that the values of design and innovation are the most important elements of keeping a corporation moving forward.


Business Development

·      Advanced Features

·      Mobility

·      Comfort

Cozistyle Smart Sleeve advantages:

-       Built-in Smart Cover patented mechanism will always keep the bag cover close to the back of the screen at any angle without and fixed band.

-       Supporting stand patented “Smart Cooling Pad” at the bottom of the bag with enough space for ventilation will help the air flow and keeps the laptop under good heat dissipation.

-       The height of Cooling Pad is perfect for ergonomic typing.

-       The Smart Cooling Pad would fold up automatically when zipping the bag by pulling the leather rope at the opening of the bag gently, which would only take 3 seconds. 

-       There is a thick soft foam padding lined with micro-fiber structure inside the bag that would protect your MacBook from being scraped.

-       Inner hard plastic shell is wear- resistant, tough, crash proof, and water repellent, which would provide ultimate protection.

The Cozistyle Smart Sleeve for MacBook would always provide you with a comfortable and steady experience when you are on the road, whether you feel like surfing the net, watching videos, or prepare reports. Special design may apply to different situations, besides placing the laptop on the office table. Such as, putting your MacBook or Ultrabook on a soft bed, or even on the knees when going outdoors.

Smart Sleeve is available in three options: Premium Aniline Leather, Natural Canvas and Pure Linen.

Years of experience in the production of mobile accessories allowed Cozistyle to create products with great features. With unique and ergonomic design every single “Cozistyle” product provides maximum comfort to users.

Cozistyle company's products can be found in APR / AAR (Apple Premium / Authorized Reseller) and also AMAZON stores around the world.

For more information about Cozistyle, please visit 

Source: Cozistyle Corp.

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